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Especially nowadays, during the time of the global shifting, where the vibration of mother earth is changing, more often than ever before old themes and patterns are coming to the surface.

In this seminar Grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim will teach you to advance energetically to be a Tao Master and be able to transform difficult patterns and energies of certain places in order to create places of power, love and harmony.


tao3Flight, overnight stay, breakfast and dinner during the seminar is to be organised by the participants.

Many people have already received very good conditions for their flight and the Mount Lavinia Hotel by several travel agencies.

Of course you can also stay in the Qi-Mag apartments.

Visa - important

Since 01.01.2012 you need a visa for the immigration. Every traveller must pay the visa after the arrival at the airport.

Different currencies are accepted. Euro, attention: Dollar (the dollar notes are only accepted, if they are “new”, they must be in sound condition)

The end

After the completion of the Tao Geomancy Master Course the participants will receive an international certificate.


The highlight of the journey is the ascent to the “holy mountain”.

The mountain is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians.


On the top there is an inhabited monastery with the 1.8m long footprint (Sri Pada) which is said to be the footprint of Buddha.

The Hindus regard the footprint as the one of Shiva Adipadham, Muslims regard it as the footprint of Adam, the Christian people say, that it is the one of the apostle Thomas.

In the Buddhist-singhalese belief every good Buddhist person should have

ascended the mountain at least once in a lifetime.

After breakfast on the 23/03/2013 we will travel to Adam´s Peak by bus and stop for a lunch. We will have dinner in the nearby hotel a little earlier, so that there is still time for sleeping, as shortly after midnight we will begin to climb up the 4.500 steps of the “holy mountain”.

After the descent we all go back together by bus.

As the time for the way down of all participants and the trip back are a little uncertain due to the roads on Sri Lanka, we will have an “open end” on the 24.03.2013.


  • it would be cheaper to book your flight earlier;
  • it will be a long time, before we have another Tao 3 course and Tao 4 and 5;
  • so when you attend Tao3,  you can go to the most advance Tao 4 & 5 course;
  • Tao 3: you can clean larger parcel of land and clean/activate larger business buildings, e.g over several hectares of land can be cleaned/cleansed in a day and you can activate power spots for examples heart spot, Qi-mag spots and other power spots for towns and cities;
  • you can also create energy power spots in gardens and towns and cities;
  • attract more higher pay land cleaning/cleansing jobs in larger business buildings;
  • when you are coming to the Tao 3 course, please do daily exercises to keep fit , so that you can climb the Holy Adam Peak at 2.243 meter - it takes 4-5 hours to climb! Holy Adam Peak is the holy mountain for Christians, Hindu, Buddhists and Muslims;
  • Partners of consultants or your friends, can also joint us to climb by paying Euro 200,-- for sharing hotel room, dinner/lunches and transport.

Love and many hugs

Jes T.Y. Lim

This course highlights some of the main problems that cause most companies to become unsuccessful and highlight techniques and remedies to enhance businesses / companies success.

topics of the course

  • neuezeitHighlight interior and exterior environmental problems affecting businesses and how to apply remedies
  • Empowered seating arrangements for top and senior company executives to ensure effective management and command control
  • 60 illustrations on ideal executive and office staff seating arrangements for peak performance
  • Correct seating positions to chair meetings and give lectures to ensure 100% effective control and to command respect
  • How to be the boss even though you are not the boss
  • Where to sit to enhance faster promotion
  • Best position to sit to ensure 80% chance of closing a sale/deal
  • Correct placement of cashiers/reception areas to earn more money
  • Auspicious entrance designs to attract clients/customers
  • Auspicious entrance designs to attract clients/customers
  • Identify and select strong energy land for business buildings
  • Five elemental principles and colour combinations in offices to improve productivity and creativity
  • Ways to improve the quality of air and improve vitality of staff working in offices
  • Some good and high vitality building designs
  • Protection for office staff from negative electromagnetic, electrical radiation and electrosmog
  • Simple techniques and principles to design empowered company logos that can bring success and lengthen the life span of a company
  • Good and bad furniture for offices
  • Right seating for therapists/doctors to ensure more effective treatments
  • Identify common negative symbols in business and shopping malls that cause business failures
  • Over 100 real life pictures for illustration
  • A 100 pages handbook with several hundred illustrations and a certificate are included in course fee

This course is a MUST for all business executives, senior management executives, training managers, business Feng Shui consultants, architects, interior designers and company logo designers. This course will make participants more effective Business Feng Shui consultants and can earn higher income as a consultant.

balanceThe old saying “you select your home and your home controls you and your family” is a true fact. Shape, design, and space partition in your house or flat generate unique energies and frequencies which can affect you and your family's emotions and daily life – it is known as the psychology of space.

Deepen your Feng Shui basic knowledge and learn how to take in your surroundings with a complete new awareness! In this course, you will get an overview on the three classical schools of Feng Shui and their energetic alignment: the Eight Areas of Life, the East-West System, and as a total speciality for a basic course, the astrological calculation of houses, the so called Flying Stars. This is an excellent start to correctly use basic Feng Shui knowledge in your home or for your friends, thus enabling you to gain positive experience.

Contents of the course are among others:

  • Advanced practice of Yin and Yang – room layout
  • The energies of the Five Elements, of colours, and remedy systems
  • The Eight Life Areas – and how you can strengthen certain areas e.g. family, partnership, and wealth.
  • The Eight Trigramme System – East-West System (Ba’Tzai and San He) enabling one to indentify the best room and area.
  • The Flying Stars (Lo’Shu) – the time dimension in Feng Shui
  • Effective house clearances – helping to avoid accidents
  • How to use the Lo’pan (Feng Shui Compass) with 23 rings
  • How to change unfortunate energies in a room, thus boosting your wealth
  • Places where the Earths lines are like a grid, e.g. Benker, Hartmann, and Curry Netlines which can make you ill, and remedies.


In Feng Shui, every corner, every direction and every symbol possesses its very own dynamic. Look forward to new insights, knowledge and interrelations!

The course takes place from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m., each with a 30 minutes coffee break.

The old saying, “you select your home and your home controls you and your family” is a true fact. Shape, design, and the partitioned space in your house or flat generate unique energy and frequencies which can affect your and your family's emotions and daily life – it is known as the psychology of space.

Psychology of space

eingangFrom past experience, we discovered that in over 80 percent of cases, when humans have severe health problems, the main causes can be found in the bedrooms and in the homes. A large majority of business failed because of Feng Shui problems making the working environment unsuitable for good and effective performance. Defective and disharmonious design in business buildings often negatively affect the behaviour and good decision-making process. This is the reason why Asians diligently practise Feng Shui in their daily life. Detailed explanation will be given during the seminars.

Good and effective performance

From design aspects, over 70 to 80 percent of European houses and flats have some form of disharmony and negative features in design which can negatively affect occupants living in them. Over 50 defects can be found in many houses and flats. Occupants can experience severe daily stress and fatique living in them.

Tao Feng Shui Grandmaster Jes T Y Lim, a renowned master in classical and modern Feng Shui with over 20 years of working experience in European buildings, will explain some common defects and negative features in European houses and flats and suggest tips and remedies, so that participants can make changes to improve their and their family's potentials, well being and happy lifestyle.

Grandmaster Lim’s practical tips

Grandmaster Lim’s practical tips can improve partner and family relationships, family's good health, job security, children's happiness and  high academic performance,  abundance and prosperity of the family.

Qi-Mag Feng Shui 1

The seminar is divided into two parts. Qi-Mag Feng Shui 1 is giving tips to remedy defects in design of houses and flats, and to improve happiness, abundance, and life style  of the occupants.

Qi-Mag Feng Shui 2

Qi-Mag Feng Shui 2 is how to apply astrological and time dimension, e.g. how yearly astrological planetary stars affect different parts of the house and flat; how to find the most auspicious and harmonious room to sleep, work and advance abundance. Tips are given on how to remedy rooms that are not auspicious to avoid accidents, relationship problem and financial loss, and to improve family well-being. 

Participants can attend only Qi-Mag Feng Shui 1, but we recommend to attend both seminars to receive more comprehensive advice and remedies.

During the entire seminar there will always be time to clarify personal questions. In this seminar, you will be given an incredible amount of precious knowledge for your daily life – you will be surprised!

The course takes place from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m., each with a 30 minutes coffee break.

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