Garden Feng Shui

The world of plants is very close to the human being. It is therefore man's duty to get in contact with the plants, deepen this relationship and actively make use of it.

Do you love and enjoy beautiful gardens, plants, flowers and arrangements? It is commonly known how beneficial and relaxing parks and gardens can be for the well-being and the soul. This is due to the high Qi and oxygen percentage that is existent wherever there is blooming and blossoming. The garden becomes an additional lung for house and residents. No matter how small it is, it can be an oasis. Particularly in office spaces, there should always such an oasis for the employees be created. It can also be an indoor-garden.

Is the garden designed according to Feng Shui principles and are the different spots of strength activated, the Qi energy flows more powerful into the house or the office. The vitality of the residents is increased. This fresh and healthy Qi can be strengthened and guided: Flowing water or plants attract the Qi whereas structures such as paths, walls, and hills help to guide it into a certain direction. But how can we consciously perceive and increase these pleasant energies that are brought into the house by the freshness of nature, the green of plants, the beauty of flowers, or the stability of stones?

The principle of Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang is the law of harmony and balance between two opposite poles, so that there is room for joy and concinnity. Everything that is surrounding us is energetically assigned either to the Yin (the female) or the Yang (the male). Garden Feng Shui, for instance, uses this principle when making the choice of plants and stones in order to create harmony in your garden.

The five elements

The taoists relate everything in existence on this planet to the five elements:

water  -  wood  -  fire  -  earth  -  metal

The elements can get into conflicts with each other, if for instance fire meets water, or water engages in a harmonic relation with wood. Designing a garden, the impact of the elements is considered in relation to the Feng Shui Compass when choosing stones and formations.

Aggressive structures

Everything pointy and sharp has a very negative energy that can affect and negatively influence people, plants, or buildings. All aggressive structures should generally be avoided in gardens.

The practice of landscape Feng Shui

Each cardinal point is including a variety of meanings and is dedicated to a trigram symbol of the Chinese prophecy system I-Ging. The piece of land is to be calibrated with a compass in order to analyse in which cardinal point each part is lying. The cardinal points are in relation with certain elements, colours, and even family members, and are located accordingly. Interestingly, often trees become ill when the related family member is weak or sick.

The soul of the land Ti-ling – the heart of the garden

Everything existent in the garden – landscape formations, earth, plants, trees and creatures – is composing the soul of the garden. Often it is not respected or recognized due to ignorance. We call it the heart of the garden. This spot should be activated and emphasized with a nice stone, a sculpture, plants, or water. This way, the good spirit is spreading out over the entire garden to help it thrive and grow and bring good fresh Qi to the garden owner.

Other powerful spots in the garden

People who have a sensitive perception or who engage a Feng Shui Consultant can find other powerful spots and energy streams in the garden and treat them accordingly.

The practice of Feng Shui is to just consciously follow the laws of nature. In harmony with the nature of the garden, humans are able to find their inner harmony.


Almost every three years, Dr. Lim offers a seminar on the topic 'Tao, Zen, and Feng Shui Garden Design'.

If you are interested to join, you are welcome to make a reservation, so we can inform you about the date as soon as it is arranged. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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gartenWhen the heart of a garden is appreciated, respected and activated, it will give you all its affluence and beauty.