Dr. Lim about Feng Shui

Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim explains in the following text how he found his way to Feng Shui and Energy:

Like me, the sons of Chinese families traditionally used to be sent to Feng Shui-masters and to also be taught in Wu Shu at a very early age. We did all go to the normal schools, but in fact we could learn much more from the taoistic wise men and from life on the street – true wisdom of life!

Many days we had to fulfill the art of Feng Shui & Measurement by carrying our masters' heavy bags, endure tough verbal abuse, practise the discipline of patience and humbleness, until they finally shared one ore two sentences of their wisdom with us. In old China, this taoistic knowledge was strongly respected and everybody had to prove much maturity and effort in order to deserve to learn about it.

Metaphysical world view

In this way we were, from childhood on, taught about the energetic relations of concentration, breath, focus, tension, relaxation as well as form, colour, element, and taste. We grew up with a world view that was rather metaphysical than statical. When I came to the western world the first time, I was deeply astonished how poeple here just ignore the laws of energy and e.g. build constructions that, seen from a Feng Shui point of view, can only cause problems. It is a challenge for me to find a new interpretation of the old knowledge for the western world and to structure it into an applicable effective method. After all, we cannot tear down existing buildings and put new walls into living rooms etc.! Thanks to my masters who taught me the laws of energy in great depth – principles, that are applicable to every shape and construction, once they are understood.

Healthy environment for well-being

I am deeply convinced that a healthy environment is as essential for the well-being of man as a healthy body. Otherwise a 'vampire-effect' is created – an energetically weak environment will automatically draw energy from the human body. Over the last decades, I was able to learn and experiment a lot, doing hundreds of Feng Shui consultations on challenging buildings. In addition, the Qi-Mag Feng Shui was largely enriched by the many experiences and the exchange with my students which developed it to what it is today. 

In my teachings of the Qi-Mag Feng Shui, I try to build on the classical Feng Shui teachings, but to also extend and adapt it in terms of a basic energetic understanding, where new situations like electric smog and glas constructions arise. The taoistic teachings advise to always stay flexible, as an old bamboo can break easily.

Why Feng Shui works

Why Feng Shui works? Can results be scientifically proved? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Feng Shui has been practised at different levels in China for over 5000 years by the imperial courts, officials, rich and educated families. Chinese are a very practical people - so unless practices had given good results, Chinese would have no longer followed them.

The core value of Feng Shui and Tao Geomancy practice is about the quality of air with high oxygen and vital positive energy in a house/building that can support human harmony and peak performance.

Front door facing water features

Many of the Feng Shui rules and practices have also become common practices throughout the world. We found that many rich and successful individuals and companies are so successful because they intuitively apply some good Feng Shui principles. One important rule on the placement of a home or building, for instance: a building should have its front door facing water features like a lake, calm sea, man-made water fountains and waterfalls, or facing a big open space like a square or park. Everybody knows that having water features or big open space in front of homes and offices will ensure that large quantities of ionized fresh air will enter the door, with quantum of electrons as the result of the frictions, interactions and movements of water that vitalize the air and improve human's and animal's vitality and harmony.

Effectiveness of Feng Shui practice

High quantities of ionized air are especially important for modern offices with high levels of electromagnetic radiation from modern equipment. With a well educated knowledge of Qi-Mag Feng Shui principles, Qi-Mag Feng Shui consultants can provide the most accurate location to place a water feature that can give optimum benefits or to locate a front door that can attract lots of customers. Effectiveness of Feng Shui practice can often be quantified in percentage of success or avoidance of job loss or business failure.

Electromagnetic radiation burn-out

We found that many companies are not performing well because their employees are severely affected by poor air quality with high concentration of electro-smog from equipment. Many employees are often suffering from burn-out through electromagnetic radiation. Many businesses have failed because their main door was located in the wrong direction. In a building also earth frequencies caused by past human, animal, and plant metamorphosis significantly affect the emotional, mental balance and vitality of occupants/employees.

The positive effects of implemented remedies of Qi-Mag Feng Shui can be proven with modern scientific methods and equipment.

May my work contribute to more and more people to be able to live in a healthy and beneficial environment.

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Dr. Lim is checking the construction progress of a building that has been planned and designed purely based on Feng Shui guidelines.