How does Feng Shui work

According to Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, Feng Shui predominantly is dealing with the accumulation of Qi, meaning the oxygen level and vitality. However, Feng Shui also represents the art of perceiving the energies of objects and environments and of transforming them into positive vibration in order to allow the residents of a home to live and develop healthily. Qi-Mag Feng Shui does not distinguish between positive and negative forms of energy, but between left-turning and right-turning energies.

Left- and right-turning energies

Left-turning energies are not good for us, since they are moving upwards and can therefore disturb our balance. Right-turning energies go downwards and so can ground and balance us. In a place of right-turning energies, everything sooner or later transforms into this affirmative form of energy. If a place, on the other hand, is heavily loaded with left-turning energies, even the healthiest body will sooner or later suffer a loss of energy, because the body is wrapped up in the left-turning surrounding and has to fight for survival. Qi-Mag consultants are specialized in strengthening the places of right-turning energy and transforming the left-turning places and objects into affirmative vibration (right-turning energies).

Law of resonance

In the belief of Taoism, everything is vibration, nothing is permanent or firm, but everything is in constant change and in resonance with its own consciousness. Destructive energies can therefore become manifest in the outside, as well as affectionate and beneficial energies do. Consequently, we always attract in the outside what we are in resonance with inside. To actively take the lead in your life, there are two ways: One way is to work on oneself. This way, one's environment will accordingly improve over time. The other way is to consciously analyze one's environment and change it in a way that the inner ambition is able to bloom in it. So Feng Shui is all about detecting a destructive and straining outside matrix, harmonizing it and positively transforming it. The goal is to bring human beeings back into resonance with life, with vitality, harmony, joy, and the desired flow of life.

Cosmic Qi & oxygen

Cosmic Qi is the energy that flows through all creatures and brings them to life. You can imagine it as tiny particles which originate in cosmos and eventually arrive on earth, where they merge with oxygen. Qi is not only in the bodies of all creatures, it is also found in the earth atmosphere or deep down in the ground. Electronic smog, radio pollution, geopathic stress zones and unfavourable symbols and shapes often result in a poor Qi and oxygen level, therefore in a great loss of vitality and joy, and consequently in disease and misfortune. Feng Shui is about taking particular measures and using positive symbols, for instance fountains, to negatively ionize the air and increase the Qi and oxygen level, in order to enable human beeings to optimize their quality of life.

Alignment – focus

Qi energy is believed to follow one's consciousness. When we consiously use a symbol, then it acts like a message to the universe and automatically attracts the symbolized subject. Naturally, the personal clarity and decision-making is therefore very important. Quantum physics are meanwhile acknowledging this principle. Feng Shui is taking advantage of this exact energy.

Feng Shui offers the outstanding opportunity to consciously create new space for the personal and professional life. Space for personal development, joy, and success! It is a path that can lead you into unexpected abysmal depths, in order then to make you soar into the sky like a phoenix.


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tropfenOne drop of water can cause a thousand waves and many drops of water can hollow the hardest stone. In the same way, Feng Shui believes that little energetic changes can have a quantum effect.