Seminars and talks


Tao Geomantie 2 (Online & Offline) Course

This is the 2nd level of the Tao Geomancy qualification! Upon completion of this course, you will be awarded with 'Tao Geomantie Associate Master' Certificate.

This course is open for all Tao 1 Consultants for you to substantially enhance & upgrade your Tao Land & Building healing and rejuvenation knowledge, skills and scope of cleansing work.

This course will be conducted in 2 stages i.e. (i) virtual / webinar with Grandmaster Jes T. Y. Lim and (ii) practical with selected Tao Teachers.

For those who would like to repeat Tao 2 course, you are welcome to join this course at discounted fee of USD2000 (for all) / USD1800 (for Mexicans only) / USD2000 (with German translation).

Friday, 13. August 2021 until Thursday, 19. August 2021

Online Qi-Mag Tao Rejuvenation & Longevity Course

This is an advanced healing, reactivation & rejuvenation course for longevity and lifespan extension. During this course, the syllabus will cover (i) organs, tissues, muscles & tendons reactivation, revitalisation & rejuvenation AND (ii) removal of past lives arrows and spears.

Saturday, 30. October 2021 until Sunday, 07. November 2021
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