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Since thousands of years, man has lived on fertile land, regions and valleys. Mostly they would settle in small colonies which later developed into villages and cities. But what might have happened on this piece of land before? What was going on there over the centuries? Wars, plagues, migration, famine, quarrel and death – or also births, weddings and celebrations? Millions of people were buried over centuries. It is questionable if they died naturally or against their will – time has let the dust settle on it. All these different memories, emotions, and information still lie dormant in the earth of this place for a long time, as a kind of matrix. These metaphysical memories and energy zones are preserved in the fine crystals inside the rocks, just like information is saved on the memory chip of a computer.

Change of the earth vibration

At this moment we are standing at the close of a galactic 26.000 year cycle as well as of a 5.000 year cycle of the earth – until 2030. In the past years, the frequency of the Earth's vibration (known as the Shumann Resonance) measurably increased from 7,83 Hz up to 20-30 Hz in different countries. Due to this increase of vibration, dormant energies which have been resting in every square meter are waking up and gradually coming to the surface. These ancient, emerging energies can cause intense turbulence, confusion, and depression, as well as emotional and mental problems for the inhabitants.

What does Tao-Geomancy and Earth-Healing mean?

All energy signatures, like those of earlier human occupation, remain. Additionally, natural earth formations such as underground watercourses, earth dislocation or black streams always leave an energetic vibration behind. These can have a positive or negative impact on the inhabitants. If there are predominantly left-turning energies, they can, over time, drain energy from the human body, which has primarily right-turning energies. Even for healthy people who are genetically and karmically untroubled, this can cause slight tiredness or exhaustion, which is somehow compensated for by the body. However, for people whose immune system is already weakened by stress, pressure, illness, or emotional difficulties, this can cause a dramatic impairment of the system. Consequently the body is even more vulnerable for other physical and emotional symptoms.

By means of profound transformational techniques and a broad knowledge and understanding of energetic interaction, Tao Geomancy Consultants locally analyse the energies of an object, in order to then lovingly heal it. Uniquely qualified in the study and practice of Tao Geomancy, Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim understands and teaches like no other, how to identify and classify geopathic and historic disturbance zones of a site, how to heal it and how to restore its natural, harmonic original state. He utilizes both ancient geomantic symbols and objects with strong positive energies, as well as contemporary techniques for developing self-awareness, personal empowerment, special abilities for Earth healing. These transformational techniques can result in revitalized living and working spaces for individuals and businesses, so that they can more easily realize their full potential.

In the Tao Geomancy Master training, Dr. Lim shares with students his profound knowledge and insight into the Tao tradition, activates his students to live and work at much higher level of effectiveness, and acts as a personal guide in their efforts to realize their full potential as healers of the planet Earth. This advanced training will certainly be a valuable and unique addition to the skill-set and qualifications of the Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultants.

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1) These two sets of crystal pictures applying internationally proven and accepted Emoto scientific technology to show the vitality and emotional energy at the Heart Point of a house with vital energy of minus - 2620 qu BEFORE a TAO GEOMANTIC house/land cleansing/cleaning was carried out and ONE DAY after the deep and difficult land/house cleansing and cleaning work was carried out.

2) The Heart Point vitality and emotional energy crystals of the house in the two pictures BEFORE Tao Geomantic cleansing/cleaning work was carried out indicated that the Heart Point vitality of the house was low and unhappy! The Heart energy was also closed thereby severely affecting the occupants of the house. With such low and closed Heart Point energy occupants living/occupying in such a house or business building tend to lack vitality, also unhappy and lacking motivation to succeed in activities/professions.

2.1) Houses and business buildings with land and house vital energy of above minus 800 qu are often found to have high level of "positive ionised air" lacking in vital oxygen and high in bacteria/fungus and unhealthy pollutants. This low vitality energy unfortunately affects over 80% of land occupied by dwelling houses and commercial buildings all over the world as humans have continuously used the same plots of land over hundreds and thousands of years thereby have left behind lots of unhappy emotional upheavals like wars, deaths and graves buried on the land. These negative metamorphosis lack of vitality energies have come up from the ground DURING the last few years due to the changes in earth magnetic fields, frequent earthquakes and human created explosions and severe earth movements for building infrastructure work etc.

2.2) The ideal vital energy of a house or business building that supports healthy living and working and support high achievers and successful persons and companies should be between plus + 600 to 800 qu which is similar to the vital energy of virgin forest jungles or near sea coasts and big lakes. In such high vitality locations the air quality are exceptionally good, rejuvenating and enhance longevity. On a scientific point the "Negative ionised air" is also exceptionally high with plenty of oxygen!

An ancient Taoist saying" if you are sufferring from severe health problems - go to live near the forests or near lakes/sea coasts and your life will be save!

3) After Tao Geomantic deep cleaning and cleansing work in the ground over depth of over several hundred meters the ancient and old negative metamorphosis energies that were accumulated over hundreds and thousands of years are transformed into benevolent high vitality energy as can be seen from the brilliant crystal pictures. The "Negative ionised air" quality in the house thereby improves substantially!

4) During present turbulent times we humans are greatly handicapped in our work and living performance by these old and ancient negative metamorphosis energies. It is therefore "a good investment" to seek the service of a Qi-Mag Tao Geomantic consultants who is qualified and with substantial knowledge to be able to carry out deep land cleaning/cleansing work to do an audit of the vital energy of your house or business building and the land on them to assess whether after checking over several hundred factors your house or building needs a thorough deep land and building cleaning and cleansing.

Please note: a space cleaning inside a house or building space does NOT clean or cleanse old metamorphosis negative harmful vital energy!!!

Extract of text from: Dr Jes T Y Lim,
Tao Geomantic and Feng Shui Grandmaster

pdfEnergetic signature of the sample 1 + 2 (PDF)
pdfEnergetic signature of the sample 3 + 4 (PDF)

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