Dr. Lim about alternative Medicine

In the following text, Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim explains how he personally found his way to alternative medicine.


Decades ago, when I had to witness my mother dying of cancer, I decided to put an end to my life as a successful business man and clan leader in Malaysia and began to search for meaningful, effective, and holistic healing methods for man. Following on my training for doctor of acupuncture in China, my path took me to other extensive and effective alternative healer trainings which I was, amongst other places, given in New Zealand. Eventually I arrived in Sri Lanka where I was training many talented and eager doctors, healers, and therapists as a Professor for Acupuncture at the Medicina Alternativa and the Open International University of Complementary Medicine.

The decision of whishing to be healthy

My talent for healing and also my love for people who often have to suffer avoidable diseases due to ignorance, was awakened more and more. My broad experience helped me to become a specialist on the field of early diagnosis of different diseases and on effective, gentle methods of healing them, as well as taking measures of staying healthy rather than healing. Countless positive experiences gave evidence to me over the past decades that many wonderful, and sometimes surprisingly simple, methods exist to activate the people's inner healing powers and to induce a full recovery. The foundation herefore is always depending on the clear decision of the individual to wish to be healthy on all levels and to let go of the actual causes in the system that prevent health.

Qi-Mag System of Health

I made a big effort to summarize the Qi-Mag System of Health in a very simple and effective way. On my path, I was particularly inspired by my good, unfortunately deceased friend Prof. Dr. Anton Jayasuria – founder of the Medicina Alternativa and the Open International University for Complementary Medicine.

This university was already founded in 1962, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Alma Ata / Kasachstan, pursueing the goal to spread alternative medicine and healing methods worldwide, especially in countries that cannot afford expensive medication. An idea that is still motivating me today!

Furthermore, I am happy to see how more and more therapists, healers, teachers, and masters of alternative medicine bring a new approach of healing into the consciousness of humanity and how the alternative medicine is gradually gaining more acknowledgement.


May we all enjoy good health and long life!

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Fully in his element – since over 20 years, Dr. Lim exercises simple healing methods and teaches how to apply them.