Feng Shui for your Home

Do you sometimes get the intuitive feeling that your environment is able to influence you? There are rooms, apartments, and spaces where it is very pleasant to be in, and others that leave you feeling exhausted. Feng Shui Grand Master Jes Lim calls this the VAMPIRE-effect, meaning that spaces of low energy automatically draw energy from you.

More and more families and households wish to live in a home that is an energetically ideal environment for them and allows them to charge their batteries.

What does Qi-Mag Feng Shui do?

Challenges in life can have familiar, karmic, health, or other causes. Because this world is based on the principle of resonance, challenges and blocks are always additionally expressed in the environment. If your heart is ready for change, then Qi-Mag Feng Shui can be a highly effective method. By analyzing the symbols that have possibly become manifest in your surroundings, and by intentionally correcting these blocks, your life can regain its momentum and flow.

Where does Qi-Mag Feng Shui help?

Basically it is always advisable to create an energetically positive environment, because a supportive surrounding attracts health, fortune, and success, like a flower attracts the bees. In the following, you can read some typical wishes that can be aspired in a consultation. However, many of our customers generally wish an energetically supporting environment for more vitality and capability for the family, via Feng Shui.

Important: Always focus on one main goal!

Potential goals to aim for:

  • Successful start of a new project
  • Improvement of concentration and capacity
  • Good health and social relationships
  • Successful activation of money flow
  • Gaining new personal expression
  • Living in a harmonic partnership
  • Supporting the children's and/or one's own creativity
  • Activating support from a mentor


Indicators that a Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultation could be urgent and necessary:

  • Is your child agitated? Often children are noticably more sensitive to energies.
  • Do you have trouble to find sleep?
  • Are you often or chronically ill?
  • Do you feel exhausted, weak or out of balance?
  • Do you have trouble to be successfull even though you put in intensive effort?
  • Do you constantly have problems or deficits in relationships?


What is the consultation procedure of a sincere Qi-Mag Consultant?

Qi-Mag Feng Shui, following the classic Feng Shui guidelines, is initially concentrating on the close detection and energetic analysis of an object and the environment, before e.g. going into the details of Feng Shui and the Flying Stars. According to Dr. Jes Lim, these wonderful Feng Shui details can only have their full effect in a space that has been energetically prepared. We live in a time where shapes of buildings, for instance, are not obligatory symmetrical and built out of stone, where the earth's energies increasingly come to the surface due to an increase of the vibration frequence, and where radiation and electronic smog is existing in all facets. Qualified Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultants initially observe the conditions, before going into the complexity of elements, trigrams, and the flying stars. 

Dr. Lim is a believer of simple solutions: After a good consultation, the customer should feel light and inspired, rather than to be scared.


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schaleBy easy means such as light, fragrance, and fresh flowers, the Qi in your home can be enriched wonderfully.