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The internationally renowned Feng Shui Grand-Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim knows how to dynamically communicate taoistic knowledge to the western culture in an unique way. He provides a new insight into the spirit and energy, inherent in all shapes and forms, and teaches how to, consciously and accordingly to one's own focus, have a positive influence on one's environment via Feng Shui. Dr. Lim explains: "My biggest concern is to bring these simple but very effective words of wisdom - on how to design life in a healthy and harmonic way - into a world that is gradually becoming more complicated and unbalanced. More and more people nowadays feel swamped by their everyday life. By means of conscious decisions on the most appropriate remedies and changes inside our home or office and outside environment, we can find our inner harmony, health, and full strength."

Dr. Lim was born in a Chinese merchants family in Malaysia / North Borneo. From childhood on, he was taught the taoistic knowledge. He was tutored by overall 26 teachers and masters and was the main student of the monk Lee Fah Sir.

In London he studied 'International Business Administration and Organization', and was also a member of the Britisch Institute of Management and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (U.K.).

For twenty-five years he successfully consulted well-known Asian corporations as General Manager and Business Consultant, such as: Inchcape Group (Singapore / Malaysia), Darby Group (Asia) and Fletcher Challenge Group (Australia). He was able to help many companies to gain a new dynamic and consistent success by applying his broad understanding for Business Feng Shui.

Dr. Jes Lim has undertaken acupuncture training from Professor Han Jin in China and Singapore and obtained his doctor qualification in acupuncture in 1985. He is a teaching professor for acupuncture at the Medicina Alternativa and the Open International University for Complementary Medicine/ WHO/UNO.

Through his work in several Asian developing countries, he was able to gain a broad knowledge of preventive medicine and self-help.

In 1990 he founded the Qi-Mag International Institute in Sri Lanka. Since then, he teaches his knowledge in many countries worldwide. About 2.000 of his over 30.000 students are fully qualified Qi-Mag Consultants. The biggest international consulting team on the Feng Shui-Market belongs to the Qi-Mag Institute. This way, Dr. Lim is actively supporting Feng Shui to gradually find its place in the western society. Nowadays, even leading commercial enterprises and top business managers are taking advantage of this knowledge in order to generate consistent success.

In the international corporate sector, Dr. Lim and his senior consultants have given advice to many multi-national companies and large European companies to design and construct headquarters and important office buildings according to classical and modern building Feng Shui and Tao Spiritual Geomancy techniques. In this way ensuring that these buildings support the goals and visions of the companies and enhance their profitability.

Qi-Mag means Qi (vital energy) and Mag (magnetism), so attracting vital energy and consequently health, fortune, and success.


Seminars with Dr. Lim

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Feng Shui Grand-Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim

Good health and the freedom of self-determination are the highest of goods to him. He therefore dedicates his life to make the teachings of Feng Shui, geomancy, and alternative medicine more accessible for people.