Tao tips for Health

Here you find eight good tips for your health by Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim:


  • Qi-Gong and oxygen intake: Breathe like a child into the stomach, to take more oxygen in and enhance blood purification, cell recovery, and blood and lymph circulation.
  • Eat well-balanced food, preferably wholemeal, fresh, raw, and ripe vegetables and fruits. Avoid to eat too much and eat according to the particular season and weather.
  • Do regular simple exercises to keep cells and muscles healthy and strong. Body cells, tissue, and organs should be looked after and maintained with these exercises. Ten minutes of daily exercise are better than intense sport three times a week.
  • Avoid too much stress at work and working unnecessary long hours.
  • Find time in your daily schedule to relax your mind and body with a little meditation.
  • Wear natural and comfortable clothes.
  • Wear flat, well-fitting, and comfortable shoes to strengthen your leg muscles and to support a good posture.
  • As a man, avoid too frequent ejaculation by practising Tao Love Techniques. The strength that is gained can be used for self-healing, enhances a long life, and is also beneficial for the woman.


May you lead a long life in good health!


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St. John's wort is able to accumulate so much sunlight that it can strengthen melancholic souls, if daily drunk as tea.