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The word 'Qi-Mag' already explains the essence of what Qi-Mag Feng Shui is all about: Magnetism of Qi, meaning the accumulation of Qi and hence oxygen, as well as the foundation for vitality, harmony, and success.


Our living and working spaces form our direct environment. In most European houses though, there is only a weak flow of vital energy. Causes are, amongst others, shape and design of houses and cold climate in temperate climate zones. Our examinations showed that the percentage of vital energy in buildings is only fifty to sixty percent, if all windows and doors are closed in cold weather. Due to a heavy pollution of electronic smog, the vital energy and oxygen level can sink further down to fifty percent. The main causes for human health problems are to be found in the sleeping and working space. The place where we spend most of our time should be designed so that our bodies are supported and vitalized.

Manifestation of symbols

The practice of Feng Shui in old China used to include the arrangement of buildings, design, shape, and colours, as well as landscape, rural formation, underground Qi, and the evaluation of the Qi in a certain area and cardinal direction, in relation with its inhabitants. A Feng Shui Consultant traditionally arranges the Feng Shui for the male who is taking care of the wealth and finances of the family, hence of their survival. Nowadays man and woman often both earn, additionally there are now many more disturbance zones, caused by modern materials, technology, and electricity.

Modern architecture loves to freely play with shapes and possibilities of individual presentation. Consequently, ludicrous constructions are often created which are maybe fancy but don't offer any long-lasting support for the residents or the business. Feng Shui beliefs that potential effects are often predictable: Would you rather entrust your money to a solid and stable bank with strong walls, or to a glamorous palace made of fragile materials like glas, which cannot keep any energy? Feng Shui was predicting the actual financial crisis many years before. People should stop to see themselves separated from the manifested symbols.

Modern challenges

Under guidance of Dr. Jes Lim, the Qi-Mag Institute made it it's mission to embrace the just mentioned modern Feng Shui challenges in their consultations and trainings. The Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultants respect their taoistic ancestors: The goal is to harmonize energies and accumulate Qi. How classic Feng Shui can help you if you sleep in a disturbance zone, if oxygen is missing in the air due to radio and electronic radiation, or if you have to sit in a glass cabinet that cannot hold any Qi? 

On the foundation of personal observation, his broad knowledge about health, Feng Shui, successful business, and the energies of our environment, Dr. Lim over decades developed the internationally acknowledged Qi-Mag Feng Shui. Qi-Mag Feng Shui is using classic knowledge about good Feng Shui in all detail and applies it in a modern and contemporary way. Not only when a new building is to be designed, but also when something existing is to be renovated for the well-being and blessing of everybody.

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A domicile that has been improved by Feng Shui enhances our well-being.