Art of Dowsing & Divination

Abraham used his hand stick to dowse for water for the Jews in the dry desert. American native indian shamans used their medicine stick to locate herbal remedies in the prairie. Tao masters in ancient times in China used a chopstick that balanced on their index finger to help locate underground water or to find herbal remedies and plants in the wild forests.
More enlightened Tao spiritual masters just need to ask a question and use their super-sensitive feeling in the brain hemisphere to find whatever they want or to seek the right answers to important questions affecting major government or business issues.

Solutions that modern science is unable to prove

Many Qi-Mag Tao Earth Geomancy consultants can just put their palms over a house/office plan and can locate many kinds of disturbing and stressful earth frequencies in the ground without the need to visit a site.

How these people can do these dowsing and divination to seek answers to solutions that modern science is unable to prove?

All living and non-living things on earth planet have their unique signature consciousness that gives out electromagnetic frequencies, just like everyone of us has his or her own unique body energy and frequencies. Water has its own consciousness and electromagnetic frequencies to which we are familiar, as our body consists to over 75 % of water.

Using a dowsing or divination stick

When a person divines or dowses and looks for something, let's say water or a remedy for a disease, that person must know the water, or in the case of looking for a herbal remedy for a disease, that person must know the herb and understand the nature of the disease to indicate the focus and intention. By having the intention to find water, a person using a dowsing or divination stick would be able to feel or get an indication on the dowsing stick when that dowser walks over an underground water source.

50-100 types of earth frequencies

How does it work? On each of our eye-brows we have a liquid magnet (like birds) and these two magnets are connected to another magnet two centimeters above our third-eye to form a magnetic triangle. When we look for water or a plant which has its unique magnetic consciousness, these frequencies are transmitted from the magnetic triangle on the forehead to the dowsing or divination stick. The dowsing/divination stick becomes a sensing device to detect water. When a dowser walks over a water source, the dowsing stick moves downward or sideways to indicate that the water source is under the dowser's feet. Normally with special transmission and activation from an experienced dowsing master a dowsing student becomes very sensitive and able to find many earth frequencies. It is quite normal for Qi-Mag Tao Earth Geomancy consultants to find over 50-100 types of earth frequencies in the ground under an office or large homes.

People who are familiar with applied kineosiology can also use this technique to find water or earth stress fields in homes and offices. But a conversion course is necessary to become more effective.

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