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This course highlights some of the main problems that cause most companies to become unsuccessful and highlight techniques and remedies to enhance businesses / companies success.

topics of the course

  • neuezeitHighlight interior and exterior environmental problems affecting businesses and how to apply remedies
  • Empowered seating arrangements for top and senior company executives to ensure effective management and command control
  • 60 illustrations on ideal executive and office staff seating arrangements for peak performance
  • Correct seating positions to chair meetings and give lectures to ensure 100% effective control and to command respect
  • How to be the boss even though you are not the boss
  • Where to sit to enhance faster promotion
  • Best position to sit to ensure 80% chance of closing a sale/deal
  • Correct placement of cashiers/reception areas to earn more money
  • Auspicious entrance designs to attract clients/customers
  • Auspicious entrance designs to attract clients/customers
  • Identify and select strong energy land for business buildings
  • Five elemental principles and colour combinations in offices to improve productivity and creativity
  • Ways to improve the quality of air and improve vitality of staff working in offices
  • Some good and high vitality building designs
  • Protection for office staff from negative electromagnetic, electrical radiation and electrosmog
  • Simple techniques and principles to design empowered company logos that can bring success and lengthen the life span of a company
  • Good and bad furniture for offices
  • Right seating for therapists/doctors to ensure more effective treatments
  • Identify common negative symbols in business and shopping malls that cause business failures
  • Over 100 real life pictures for illustration
  • A 100 pages handbook with several hundred illustrations and a certificate are included in course fee

This course is a MUST for all business executives, senior management executives, training managers, business Feng Shui consultants, architects, interior designers and company logo designers. This course will make participants more effective Business Feng Shui consultants and can earn higher income as a consultant.

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