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This is a rare opportunity to join a unique Mayan civilizations home coming trip for  most of you old souls back in time to reexperience your past with world renowned Tao and Feng Shui Grandmaster Dr Jes T Y Lim, who is an expert in ancient and metamorphosis energies. Dr Lim is able to communicate with past civilisations and cultures to give you a good insight into actual Mayan cultures and ways of life in ancient times.

Day 1 - Tuesday, 11th November: All participants arrive at Merida City hotel or at Cancun City and take a bus to Merida City. Day is free to visit Merida City and stay overnight in hotel;

Day 2 - Wednesday, 12th November: Leave Merida City hotel at 8AM to visit Mayan Chichen Itza Ancient City, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 3 - Thursday, 13th November: Visit Mayan Uxmal Ancient City, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 4 - Friday, 14th November: Visit Mayan Labna Ancient City & Cenote lakes, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 5 - Saturday, 15th November: Visit Mayan Kabah Ancient City and Cenote lakes, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 6 - Sunday, 16th November: this day is free and Mexicans can go home if they wish;

Day 7 - Monday, 17th November: All participants have breakfast and then depart for home.

  1. Above 6 nights and 7 days Mayan Cultural and Geomantic Trip inclusive of hotel stay in Merida City, breakfast, transport to visit selected ancient city sites, entrance fees, tour guides, tips and daily lunches BUT not including dinner, the cost is US$1,100 per person twin sharing. For single occupancy add another US$350. For Mexicans leaving for homes on the 6th Day, Sunday, the cost is US$1,000 per person twin sharing. You can view the most facinating buildings and ruins of these ancient cities in the internet.
  2. All participants, especially those from Europe, Canada and USA should book your own flights and connecting flights to Mexico City and on transist to Merida City in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can also book on cheap fare flights to Cancun airport and then take a 3 hour bus trip to Merida City;
  3. Those arriving before 11th November and stay longer after the 17th November night, 2014, additional hotel charge is around US$100 per person per room per night or twin sharing. Details of hotels in Merida City can be found in the internet or will be given on request and individuals will be responsible to book and pay for their own additional hotel stay. We recommend those who wish to stay longer to book your own hotels to your own tastes and requirements/preference;
  4. All participants MUST buy your own accident, injuries and health insurance as a precautional measure. The organisers and local agents will make every endeavour to ensure individuals safety during the trip, we however cannot guarantee individual's own karmic problems.
  5. During November, the weather in Yucatan Peninsula is quite warm, it is necessary for all participants to bring their raincoat, swim trunks for swimming, at least one warm pullover and at least two pairs of well used good walking shoes as we will do lots of walking from one building sites to the next in each location. No high heel shoes during the trip! Shopping clothings are cheap in Merida City so do not bring too many clothings!
  6. Those interested in this trip, please make your booking to Diana Morán via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +52 1771 7470 078 before the 1st October, 2014 so that hotel arrangements can be made. She can also arrange combined transfer from Cancun to Merida for a bigger group of participants. Those who booked and cancelled one week before the trip may need to pay one to two nights hotel stay!"

Good luck and success,

Dr. Jes T Y Lim

The old taoistic masters commonly used to introduce geomantic aspects into their Feng Shui consultations. Today in particular, where the entire vibration of the earth is changing, old tales and memories which have rested for decades increasingly come to the surface. We believe that the world needs people who have this old knowledge and who recognize and dissolve the ancient preserved consciousness with love and sensitivity.

This course with Grand-Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim is the continuation of the seminar Tao Geomancy level 1. The energetic levels of subtle substances are presented in an even deeper way.

Course contents are (amongst others):

  • tao3Special meditation and activation to increase the spiritual consciousness.
  • How to cooperate with trees and plants in order to gain their support when purifying the land.
  • How to communicate with trees, water, and land-energies to remove old negative energies and curses.
  • How to communicate with plants to purify the environment and for health purposes.
  • Purifying techniques for polluted water.
  • Polarizing wood to prevent symptoms of decline.
  • Polarizing and activating stone, concrete, and marble to block negative energies.
  • Polarizing and activating individual stones and fossils.
  • Activating fruits to increase the vital energy.
  • Advanced techniques to purify negative earth energies.
  • Power breathing for one’s own protection and for good health.
  • Techniques to rebalance the body after an earth purification .

Many practical examples are shown in the class. During the evening team-work one trains again what one has learned.
The course is taught in English with German translation.
Each participant receives a detailed handbook.
Having completed the course, the participants receive an international certificate.

Please Consider

The organization reserves the right to change the schedule. All participants have to effect their own health- and accident insurance for their own protection. All participants have to accept that the organization and the Qi-Mag Institute cannot be made responsible for any accidents or injuries. All participants have to book and pay the flights from and to Colombo by themselves.

The ancient  knowledge and wisdom of the Tao metaphysical and spiritual
harmonization and healing practice

International training / workshop series

Traumatic experiences during many of our past lives are causing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level problems and blockages in our normal body functions. Often times during our past we experienced  injuries from thrusting  or firearms, extreme suffering experiences, terminal wounds and so on. During the Tao Noetic  Spiritual Surgery Therapy it is common to find over a hundred of these spiritual memory images on the human body.
These past traumatic experiences are manifested today as: muscular -, joint-, backbone pains, slipped disk, sinuses problems, headaches, heart problems, tumors, gall stones, hearing problems, Parkinson´s disease, migraine and stomach pains, limbs paralysis and so on. These present problems are identifiable as spiritual memory images in the energy field of the human body.
In this training series  the whole human body with all its problems is considered holistically. You learn  to carry out the metaphysical and spiritual therapy to holistically harmonize and healing each section of the body or organ on six holistic levels, nine spiritual consciousness levels and over 5000 years of soul life to bring the body back to its normal functions.


The training consists of an 8 part workshop series with a lot of practical sessions. Each Workshop is a complete course. Three workshops deal  with  the outer  body and five with the inner body  (including the internal organs).  Participants learn to work on the particular spiritual memory  images in the organs and on the body.

Special highlight of each workshop:
Each participant receives from Tao-Grandmaster Jes T. Y. Lim, according to the specific  workshop level, the necessary Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery spiritual transmission and Tao Kundalini activation. 

Your benefits:

  • Each workshop is a “self healing” workshop for all participants
  • Through the special Tao spiritual transmission and Tao activation you become  more aware and heightened  sensitivity on the energy field of the human body
  • The Tao Noetic  Spiritual Surgery Therapy  training can be the start of a new job  for you

No  prior knowledge is required.  Minimum age: 21 years

Workshop Level 1:

Removal  and harmonization of spiritual memory images from extreme suffering experiences from past lives.
Many people were in their past lives victims from extreme suffering experiences. Parts of the body were locked up or confined in shackles on the neck, legs, arms and hips.                                          
Curses were often put on a person´s body to restrict their ability to do certain tasks causing lack of confident and self-worth or to ensure the failure of a love relationship or causing impotence or causing phantom fear etc.
These traumatic  past experiences remain on the body as spiritual memory  images  in the soul-, etheric and auric fields on the body  and can be identified.
They often cause restricted and painful movements of the neck, the arms and legs, joints and the backbone or as regular recurring pains, weaknesses of the organs, back pains, muscular and joints pains, migraine, general fatique, impotence, heart problems, stroke, numerous allergies and the feeling that you are not free to do what you want to do in your daily life.

After the special Tao Energy Transmission and Tao Activation you learn:

  • how to apply the Tao Macro Spiritual Techniques to identify the problem areas  in the energy field of the human body
  • to work with these  techniques on six holistic levels and nine levels of spiritual consciousness over 5000 years of soul life, to remove  this old spiritual memory images to harmonize, heal and reduce the discomfort and pains and to restore the body to normal functions.

This is the first workshop towards achieving the master certificate of the Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery. 

Tao Grand Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim

  • Founder of the Qi-Mag East-West Medicina Alternativa Institute, Sri Lanka
  • Teaching professor of Natural Medicine and Acupuncture at the Medicinal Alternativa Institute ( WHO-UN) and Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka
  • Inventor of the rhythmic pulse diagnosis (R-Pulse Technique)  and one needle integrated acupuncture( Tao Acu-One) to fast relief body tissues and muscular pains
  • Founder of  the Qi-Mag International Feng Shui & Geobiology Institute
  • Expert on Qi-Mag Feng Shui, vital energy in land and water formations and high vitality and harmonic building designs
  • Expert on earth geomantic, he can identify over 350 natural and humans made energy frequencies in the ground and nature’s landscapes and able to transform many of these frequencies to support humans (animals and plants) healthy living and growth
  • Founder of the Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery

Dr. med. univ. Helga  Hörl

  • Medical study  and Graduation as a medical doctor in 1993
  • private practice in Austria
  • Expert on natural medicine
  • Co-Founder of the Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery

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Aufgrund der genau abgestuften spirituellen Energieübertragung können nur die Personen an diesem Workshop teilnehmen, die bereits den Workshop1 der Tao-Noetischen Spirituellen Chirurgie absolviert haben. mehr...
Die Ausbildungsleiter behalten sich vor, Anmeldungen evt. abzulehnen.


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998 EUR

Fragen & weitere Informationen

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Internationale Ausbildung - Workshopreihe

Sie lernen spirituell eingeprägte Erinnerungsabbilder von Kriegswaffen, tödlichen Werkzeugen und herabfallenden Objekten aus früheren Leben zu harmonisieren und zu entfernen.

gingkoBesonderes Highlight dieses Workshops

Jeder Teilnehmer erhält von Tao-Großmeister Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim die diesem Workshop-Level entsprechende Tao-Noetische Spirituelle Chirurgie-Eniergieübertragung und Tao-Kundalini-Aktivierung!
Ziel ist, dass die Teilnehmer für das Energiefeld des menschlichen Körpers sensitiver werden und somit die Tao-Noetische Spirituelle Chirurgie-Therapie diesem Ausbildungsworkshop-Level entsprechend ausüben können.

Tao-Schüler mussten früher bei einem Tao-Meister sehr lange studieren um diese spezielle Energieübertragung und Aktivierung zu erhalten.

Verletzungen durch Kriegswaffen

Im Laufe Tausender früherer Leben haben wir zahlreiche traumatische und lebensbedrohliche Verletzungen durch Kriegswaffen, tödliche Werkzeuge, Pfeile, Schwerte, Dolche usw. sowie schwere Verletzungen durch herabfall ende Objekte erlitten. Oft sind über hundert dieser spirituellen Erinnerungsabbilder von Verletzungen im Seelen-, Äther- und Aura-Energiefeld vorhanden und zu erkennen.

Diese schwer traumatisierenden Erlebnisse können sich im aktuellen Leben als wiederkehrende Schmerzen und Verletzungen in verschiedenen Körperregionen bemerkbar machen. Dadurch können Organschwächen, Atemnot, Impotenz, Unfruchtbarkeit, Migräne, Bandscheibenvorfall und Bewegungseinschränkungen auftreten, Schmerzen an Hals, Nacken, Rücken, Armen, Beinen, Gelenken und Wirbelsäule sowie Muskelschmerzen die Folge sein und Herzbeschwerden, allgemeine Erschöpfung, Unfruchtbarkeit, Impotenz, das Gefühl der Freiheitseinschränkung, Schlaganfall, Sprachstörungen und vieles mehr auftreten.

Tao-makroatomare Techniken

Nach der fortgeschrittenen Level 2 Tao-Energieübertragung und Tao-Aktivierung lernen Sie: im ersten Schritt Tao-makroatomare Techniken systematisch anzuwenden um Problembereiche am menschlichen Körper zu erkennen, in denen alte spirituelle Erinnerungsabbilder von Kriegswaffen, scharfen Werkzeugen und herabfallenden Objekten gespeichert sind.
Im zweiten Schritt lernen Sie mit diesen Techniken auf sechs holistischen Ebenen und neun Ebenen des spirituellen Bewusstseins diese alten Erinnerungsabbilder zu harmonisieren, die daraus resultierenden Beschwerden und Schmerzen zu reduzieren und die normalen Körperfunktionen schrittweise über eine Zeitspanne von fünftausend Seelenleben wieder herzustellen.

Das ist ein Praxisworkshop mit vielen Übungseinheiten und zusätzlich ein Selbstheilungsworkshop für jeden Teilnehmer.


Tao-Großmeister Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim
Dr. med. Helga Hörl

3 Workshoptage

Tag 1: 10.30 bis 18.30 Uhr
Tag 2: 09.30 bis 18.30 Uhr
Tag 3: 09.30 bis 17 Uhr

Sie erhalten ein Arbeitsbuch und ein Teilnahmezertifikat.
Dieses Zertifikat ist der zweite Schritt auf dem Weg zum Meisterzertifikat der Tao-Noetischen Spirituellen Chirurgie.

Die Information en für den Workshop 3 werden frühzeitig bekannt gegeben!


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