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Nadeln Sie den richtigen Punkt für Ihre Gesundheit!

Gelehrt wird hier eine kompakte und fortgeschrittene Akupunktur und Akupressur in Theorie und Praxis.

Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim lehrte über Jahre als Professor für Akupunktur an der Medicina Alternativa and Open International University for Complementary Medicine/WHO/UNO in Sri Lanka. Diese Universität hat ein Krankenhaus für Arme eingerichtet, in dem Kranke von den Studenten mit Akupunktur und alternativen Heilmethoden umsonst behandelt werden. Seine langjährige Erfahrung in Naturheilkunde und Akupunktur hat Dr. Lim in einer kompakten Lehrmethode zusammengefasst. So werden Sie hier mit den fünf vereinfachten und effektivsten Akupunktur- und Akupressurmethoden vertraut gemacht, um verbreitete Gesundheitsprobleme und Verletzungen angehen zu können. Darüber hinaus erlernen Sie eine vereinfachte Form der Pulsdiagnose.

Schnelle Heilung

fussSie lernen wirkungsvolle Methoden und Abkürzungen, um Gesundheitsprobleme schnell und mit Genauigkeit feststellen zu können. Diese können dann entweder mit Akupunkturnadeln, Akupressur, Laser oder speziellen therapeutischen Geräten behandelt werden. Die wichtigsten Punkte für eine schnelle Heilung werden gelehrt -, oft ist es effektiver, nur die wichtigsten Punkte zu nadeln.

Praktische Anwendung

Diese r Kurs ist so strukturiert, dass spezielle medizinische Vorkenntnisse nicht nötig sind. Grundkenntnisse der Anatomie sind jedoch von Nutzen. Ärzte und Therapeuten können das Erlernte je nach Heilbefugnis und Berufskunde professionell anwenden, interessierte Laien in der Selbsthilfe. Die Teilnehmer können den Inhalten leicht folgen und diese sofort praktisch anwenden. 

Dr. Lim referiert in Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung durch seine langjährige Übersetzerin Daniela Schenker. Jeder Seminarteilnehmer erhält ein ausführliches Handbuch und ein Qi-Mag Zertifikat. Während der Pausen besteht die Möglichkeit, Dr. Lim persönliche Fragen zu stellen.

Die Seminarzeiten sind von 9.30 Uhr bis 18.00 Uhr. Vormittags und nachmittags gibt es je eine halbe Stunde Kaffee- und Teepause mit kleinen Snacks. Die Mittagspause ist von 13.00 Uhr bis 14.30 Uhr. 

Qi-Mag Life & Health Coach

Die Teilnahme ist für jeden möglich. Dieses Seminar ist Teil der Ausbildung zum Qi-Mag Life & Health Coach, die aus fünf Unterrichtseinheiten besteht.



overheadBecome a Qi-Mag Feng Shui consultant according to the approved methods of the renowned Feng Shui Grand Master and health expert Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim!

The training to become a Qi-Mag Feng Shui consultant follows the international curriculum of the Qi-Mag Institute. Module 1 comprises knowlegde on the two great Feng Shui schools  with the Eight Life Areas and the East-West System, taking into consideration the energetic connections between landscape Feng Shui and the examination of buildings, up to the simple optimization of rooms and their furnishing.

The consultant training Module 2 is primarily concerned with the astrological Feng Shui of Lo'Shu which is the school of Flying Stars. The teachings are about the existing planetary Qi energies coming through the Earth's atmosphere and affecting a building from the outside.

Dr. Lim will vividly inform you on how to understand and calculate the influence of planets and cosmic energies on houses and rooms. He will go deeply into the interpretation of diverse planetary constellations. He conveys his long-standing experience as a Grand Master on how to activate positive constellations and how to balance the negative star combinations, giving you many detailed tips on the way.

From Dr. Lim's point of view, the skilful use of the Flying Stars method enables a perfect energetic fine-tuning of Feng Shui, of which he constantly draws interesting and new interconnections to the topics of Module 1.

With the wisdom and knowledge of Module 1 and Module 2 Feng Shui consultants gain an excellent overview on the complexity of Feng Shui and receive the best tools enabling them to independently give highly effective Feng Shui consultations – from rough estimates to fine-tuning.

In Module 2 the LoPan – the Chinese Feng Shui Compass – will also be integrated in every work and explained at great detail.

Contents of the course are among others:

  • The advanced system of  Flying Stars (Lo'Shu)
  • Determination of Base Star, Mountain Star, and Water Star
  • Combinations of the Mountain and Water Stars
  • The date and according interpretations 
  • The Nine Year Cycle, Grand Duke Jupiter and the Three Shahs
  • How to calculate the Flying Stars chart (the Lo'Shu grid) for a building or a room
  • How to detect the fortunate and less fortunate stars and their combinations
  • Interpretation of the interplay between the Stars and the Lo'Shu grid
  • Possibilities on how to enhance or weaken the energetic effect of the stars
  • Basic energetic knowledge of Feng Shui.

This knowledge is accompanied by Jes Lim's lively nature and his long-standing experience as Feng Shui Grand Master giving us many practical examples and tips and tricks along the way.

The training to become a Feng Shui consultant can be a meaningful enhancement to your existing profession or a complete new start. The knowledge around Feng Shui opens doors where there were no doors before.

Grand Master Dr. Lim teaches in English with German translation.

You will receive the certificate as a qualified Qi-Mag Feng Shui consultant after completing the 16-day long intense training and a short exam carried out by Grand Master Dr. Lim.

In the evenings you have the opportunity to take part in optional group work - putting your freshly won knowledge to use on your own house plans. In the mornings there is time to ask any resulting questions. In the breaks Grand Master Lim is available for your personal questions.

The course takes place from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m., each with a 30 minutes coffee break.

Learn ancient healing wisdom and get to know the latest energetic methods for the treatment of degenerative and incurable illnesses.
This five-day course is concerned with the causes of degenerative and incurable diseases. The Feng Shui Grand Master and renowned health expert Dr. Jes T.Y Lim will show you methods and techniques how to release mental, emotional, and physical blocks in our body and how to restore the right balance to our body.
The participants of this seminar will receive energetic activations from Dr. Lim personally; and under his guidance you will put to practice on each other all that you have learnt. Experience how this seminar is informative, enriching, and healing at the same time!

Contents of the course are among others:

  • Development stages of a disease
  • Ten stages of healing and Quantum harmonizing techniques 
  • Face diagnosis
  • How to dissolve energetic blocks
  • Kineo-rhythmic pulse diagnosis
  • Manual lymph drainage to harmonize the body
  • Ten healing sounds for organs
  • How to harmonize the blood
  • Main causes for migraine and headache
  • How to balance and set up the spine
  • Techniques how to harmonize the Meridians and Chakras
  • Main causes for cancer and the influences of geomantic disturbing fields
  • Use of urine
  • Obesity and loss of weight
  • How to detoxify our body when contaminated

In these five days, Dr. Lim will share his experience and knowledge from over 25 years of work with alternative healing methods. This is a real enrichment for both therapists and people interested in healing alike.

Grand Master Dr. Lim teaches in English with German translation by his long-standing interpreter Daniela Schenker.

The course takes place from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m., each with a 30 minutes coffee break.

Tao Qi-Mag Life & Health Coach

This course can be booked individually or as part of the Tao Qi-Mag Life & Health Coach degree. Each part can be booked individually.

You would like to transmit and apply even more powerful and accelerated Qi-Mag healing frequencies? In this course you are working with high level bio-healing frequencies of the New Aquarius Age, further developed and enhanced by Dr. Jes T.Y Lim. These frequencies can deeply penetrate into the cellular tissue of humans, animals, and plants and have a cleansing, harmonizing, and vitalizing effect – they work on the quantum level. QQ frequencies also have a positive effect on new and old injuries on the physical and emotional levels as well as on different types of karmic blockages.

Using the QQ-Quantum Healing Process, we can also clear our own cell and tissue blockages. During this holistic self-healing process we receive support from the divine healing angels and spirit guides, providing us with precious hints and information. It is very important to make use of this, as angels, spirit guides, and spirits of nature are neutral helpers and very eager to assist us when activated, motivated, and asked for support.

Qi-Mag consultants and Tao Geomancy participants will be also able to switch their land and building cleansing and healing frequencies ability to transmit healing QQ frequencies to humans, animals, and trees more effectively and faster at the highest quantum level.

All who wish to be involved in new Aquarius Age healing – whether for yourself, humans, animals, your company, your community, or the planet - will find this workshop most rewarding. Apart from powerful activations you are going to have fun and enjoy happiness and a loving get-together.

Grand Master Dr. Jes Lim teaches in English with German translation by his long-standing interpreter Daniela Schenker.

During the entire seminar there will always be time to clarify personal questions. In this seminar you will be given an incredible amount of precious knowledge for your daily life – be surprised!

The course takes place from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m., each with a 30 minutes coffee break.

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