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This is a rare opportunity to join a unique Mayan civilizations home coming trip for  most of you old souls back in time to reexperience your past with world renowned Tao and Feng Shui Grandmaster Dr Jes T Y Lim, who is an expert in ancient and metamorphosis energies. Dr Lim is able to communicate with past civilisations and cultures to give you a good insight into actual Mayan cultures and ways of life in ancient times.

Day 1 - Tuesday, 11th November: All participants arrive at Merida City hotel or at Cancun City and take a bus to Merida City. Day is free to visit Merida City and stay overnight in hotel;

Day 2 - Wednesday, 12th November: Leave Merida City hotel at 8AM to visit Mayan Chichen Itza Ancient City, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 3 - Thursday, 13th November: Visit Mayan Uxmal Ancient City, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 4 - Friday, 14th November: Visit Mayan Labna Ancient City & Cenote lakes, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 5 - Saturday, 15th November: Visit Mayan Kabah Ancient City and Cenote lakes, whole day trip with transport and lunch provided;

Day 6 - Sunday, 16th November: this day is free and Mexicans can go home if they wish;

Day 7 - Monday, 17th November: All participants have breakfast and then depart for home.

  1. Above 6 nights and 7 days Mayan Cultural and Geomantic Trip inclusive of hotel stay in Merida City, breakfast, transport to visit selected ancient city sites, entrance fees, tour guides, tips and daily lunches BUT not including dinner, the cost is US$1,100 per person twin sharing. For single occupancy add another US$350. For Mexicans leaving for homes on the 6th Day, Sunday, the cost is US$1,000 per person twin sharing. You can view the most facinating buildings and ruins of these ancient cities in the internet.
  2. All participants, especially those from Europe, Canada and USA should book your own flights and connecting flights to Mexico City and on transist to Merida City in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can also book on cheap fare flights to Cancun airport and then take a 3 hour bus trip to Merida City;
  3. Those arriving before 11th November and stay longer after the 17th November night, 2014, additional hotel charge is around US$100 per person per room per night or twin sharing. Details of hotels in Merida City can be found in the internet or will be given on request and individuals will be responsible to book and pay for their own additional hotel stay. We recommend those who wish to stay longer to book your own hotels to your own tastes and requirements/preference;
  4. All participants MUST buy your own accident, injuries and health insurance as a precautional measure. The organisers and local agents will make every endeavour to ensure individuals safety during the trip, we however cannot guarantee individual's own karmic problems.
  5. During November, the weather in Yucatan Peninsula is quite warm, it is necessary for all participants to bring their raincoat, swim trunks for swimming, at least one warm pullover and at least two pairs of well used good walking shoes as we will do lots of walking from one building sites to the next in each location. No high heel shoes during the trip! Shopping clothings are cheap in Merida City so do not bring too many clothings!
  6. Those interested in this trip, please make your booking to Diana Morán via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: +52 1771 7470 078 before the 1st October, 2014 so that hotel arrangements can be made. She can also arrange combined transfer from Cancun to Merida for a bigger group of participants. Those who booked and cancelled one week before the trip may need to pay one to two nights hotel stay!"

Good luck and success,

Dr. Jes T Y Lim

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