Colours of Life

Show your true colours!

In the old world-cultures, coloured clothing did and still does express rank and position, as well as feelings and situation. For example, in the Middle Ages in Germany there has been a strict order of who is authorized to which colour. An ordinary person was prohibited by punishment to wear certain colours.

schalsUse the strength and energy of clothing colours - because similar attracts similar..In South India, women communicate their condition up to today by intentionally choosing the colours of their saris. Because all women know this colour-language, they can understand and deal with each other. Also the Chinese woman chooses, according to situation, her clothing colours for an optimal appearance.

Therefore grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim suggests to use the strength and energy of clothing colours - because similar attracts similar.
You can get colour prescriptions from Vogue…or you can choose them decidedly for yourself. We suggest: Use strength and radiation of colours deliberately for yourself!

A few examples of use:

  • If you feel like you’re always standing in the second row, but it’s time for you to take center stage and being heard, a strong red accent e.g. a red scarf, can brilliantly support this on the energetic level. The scarf will remind you of your goal, but also is a distinct sign for your environment.
  • If you want to radiate calmness and wealth, stability and security, a classic navy blue suit for instance can communicate this. But also a strong blue accent can get you in resonance with your goals.
  • This also works the other way round – if you are fed up with your boring life in accustomed safety and you wish changes, you should leave your navy blue suit in the closet and emphasize your personality with a strong colour of your choice.
  • You would like to express yourself as intellectual and creative? Yellow accents help to get noticed by your surrounding. Also, yellow can help you to feel mentally fresh, concentrate and create new ideas.

All this can be experienced playfully. You can find in the article “Colours of Life” short energetic insights into the world of colour. more… You can expand and develop these with your experience – as an expression of your personality. Try it: You will be surprised how much light and joy your life can bring to you!

Expert colour advice to a life subject

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