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The Chinese developed over hundreds of years the doctrine of the five elements.
Unlike in the west, in China there are five elements: Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water.

The  order of the five elements is not by chance, but is described as a feeding cycle of the elements. Fire turns to ashes and ashes turn to fertile earth. Deep inside the earth precious ores and minerals develop, thus metals. Those metals again gather water in the depth. Water  nourishes the roots of every tree, thus it can grow. The wood of the tree again feeds the fire.

lebensbutton227If your element is metal, you can nourish it with yellow- and earth-tones as well as gold and silver.

In chinese astrology, to each year is assigned one of the five elements and one of the twelve chinese signs of the zodiac. The element which dominated in your year of birth is your personal birth-year element.

According to the chinese doctrine of Feng-Shui, your birth-year element tells something about the surroundings which support and assist you. Therefore this element gives advice about what is best in your direct environment, in your aura. The colour plays an important role here.

Your personal element is wood?

Then blue– and green-tones nourish you.

Your personal element is fire?

Then green– and red-tones up to violet nourish you.

Your personal element is earth?

Then red– and yellow-tones as well as all earth colours nourish you.

Your personal element is metal?

Then yellow– and earth-tones as well as gold and silver nourish you.

Your personal element is water?

Then gold and silver as well as blue-tones nourish you.

You can strengthen your personal element well with an adequate color accent at your work- or sleeping-place. A small purposefully set coloured point can bring about wonders.

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