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Tao Geomantie 2 (Online & Offline) Course

Friday, 13. August 2021 until Thursday, 19. August 2021

Date: Online: Friday, 13th to Thursday, 19th August 2021 (7 days) & Offline: Friday, 27th to Sunday, 29th August 2021 (3 days)

MYT: i) 1800hrs to 2400hrs (Malaysia MYT, UTC+8)
BERLIN TIME: ii) 1200hrs to 1800hrs (Berlin Germany CEST, UTC+2)
MEX iii) 0500hrs to 1100hrs (Mexico CDT, UTC-5)
SF, CA, USA iiv) 0300hrs to 0900hrs (SF CA USA PDT, UTC-7)

Fee: + USD 3000.00 (All) / + USD 2800.00 (Mex)

1. Objectives of this course:
1.1. Substantially enhance & upgrade your Tao Land & Building healing and rejuvenation knowledge, skills and scope of cleansing work;

1.2. Enhance your ability to clear past humans & spiritual anchored negative consciousness, living paths and spirits anchored in the land & buildings;

1.3. Enhance your ability to clear negative environmental energies;

1.4. Enhance your ability to connect with plants and environment;

1.5. Enhance your ability to check land & building plans from a distant; and

1.6. Enhance your clairvoyant ability to connect with the higher level of consciousness.

2. Expected outcome for attending this course:
2.1. Qualified to attend Qi-Mag Tao Geomantie 3 (Tao Geomantie Master) course in Sri Lanka, which is currently planned to take place in 4th quarter of year 2023;

2.2. Able to cleanse & revitalise land and building below ground by 100 metres deep and 4 meters wide in all directions (two times higher than Tao Geomantie 1);

2.3. Automatic increase of body vita energy for protection up to 2 million qu and emits 600,000 qu of harmonic vita energy from each palm to heal land, buildings and environment; and

2.4 Able to perform the spiritual Tao Geomantie 2 (Tao Geomantie Associate Master) works as covered in the Course.

3. Main Contents of this course:
3.1. Developing & mastering Psycho-Pictography & Psychic Ability
3.2. Develop Conscious X-Ray Visions
3.3. Mental & Spiritual Vision & Focus
3.4. Understanding Levels of Spiritual Consciousness
3.5. Communicate with Spirit Guides at Higher Levels
3.6. Activations & Polarisation of Rocks To Enhance Vitality 【(P)】
3.7. Polarisation & Activation of Fossil or DarlingLite 【(P)】
3.8. Harmonising Benker, Hartmann, Curry Lines for Empowering Qi in Homes 【(P)】
3.9. Geopuncture Techniques 【(P)】
3.10. Tracing & Clearing Human Living Time Path
3.11. Ley Lines & Techniques to Create Spiritual Ley Line "Wall" & "Curtain" for Protections 【(P)】
3.12. Clearing "Sticky Feeling" under House/Building
3.13. Clearing Vehicle Accident "Black Spots" 【(P)】
3.14. Earth Remedy for Ex-Bombed Areas
3.15. Effects of Sun & Moon on Our Life Tasks
3.16. Exorcism & House Clearing & Cleansing 【(P)】
3.17. Meaning & Effects of Amulet Against Negative Spirits
3.18. Plants Consciousness & Communication
3.19. Plants Effects on Environmental Energy
3.20. The Merits of Applying Different Remedies
3.21. Identify Underground Drinking Water Sources 【(P)】
3.22. Procedure to Check on Ground Energies on Land & Within House/Building on Plans 【(P)】
3.23. Map Dowsing 【(P)】

【(P)】 indicates that this topic will also be covered during Practical Training.

4. This course is divided into two (2) sections as stated below:
A) Virtual Training (Course Dates: Friday, 13th to Thursday, 19th August 2021 (7 days))
B) Practical Training (Practical Dates: Friday, 27th to Saturday, 29th August 2021)


For additional Informations, kindly contact: Mdm. Cleopatra Lajawai at Tel#: +60167706211 / +601151239875; Or Inquire: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dr. Jes Tyng-Yee Lim
$ 3000.00 p.p.
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