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According to Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, Feng Shui predominantly is dealing with the accumulation of Qi, meaning the oxygen level and vitality. However, Feng Shui also represents the art of perceiving the energies of objects and environments and of transforming them into positive vibration in order to allow the residents of a home to live and develop healthily. Qi-Mag Feng Shui does not distinguish between positive and negative forms of energy, but between left-turning and right-turning energies.

Left- and right-turning energies

Left-turning energies are not good for us, since they are moving upwards and can therefore disturb our balance. Right-turning energies go downwards and so can ground and balance us. In a place of right-turning energies, everything sooner or later transforms into this affirmative form of energy. If a place, on the other hand, is heavily loaded with left-turning energies, even the healthiest body will sooner or later suffer a loss of energy, because the body is wrapped up in the left-turning surrounding and has to fight for survival. Qi-Mag consultants are specialized in strengthening the places of right-turning energy and transforming the left-turning places and objects into affirmative vibration (right-turning energies).

Law of resonance

In the belief of Taoism, everything is vibration, nothing is permanent or firm, but everything is in constant change and in resonance with its own consciousness. Destructive energies can therefore become manifest in the outside, as well as affectionate and beneficial energies do. Consequently, we always attract in the outside what we are in resonance with inside. To actively take the lead in your life, there are two ways: One way is to work on oneself. This way, one's environment will accordingly improve over time. The other way is to consciously analyze one's environment and change it in a way that the inner ambition is able to bloom in it. So Feng Shui is all about detecting a destructive and straining outside matrix, harmonizing it and positively transforming it. The goal is to bring human beeings back into resonance with life, with vitality, harmony, joy, and the desired flow of life.

Cosmic Qi & oxygen

Cosmic Qi is the energy that flows through all creatures and brings them to life. You can imagine it as tiny particles which originate in cosmos and eventually arrive on earth, where they merge with oxygen. Qi is not only in the bodies of all creatures, it is also found in the earth atmosphere or deep down in the ground. Electronic smog, radio pollution, geopathic stress zones and unfavourable symbols and shapes often result in a poor Qi and oxygen level, therefore in a great loss of vitality and joy, and consequently in disease and misfortune. Feng Shui is about taking particular measures and using positive symbols, for instance fountains, to negatively ionize the air and increase the Qi and oxygen level, in order to enable human beeings to optimize their quality of life.

Alignment – focus

Qi energy is believed to follow one's consciousness. When we consiously use a symbol, then it acts like a message to the universe and automatically attracts the symbolized subject. Naturally, the personal clarity and decision-making is therefore very important. Quantum physics are meanwhile acknowledging this principle. Feng Shui is taking advantage of this exact energy.

Feng Shui offers the outstanding opportunity to consciously create new space for the personal and professional life. Space for personal development, joy, and success! It is a path that can lead you into unexpected abysmal depths, in order then to make you soar into the sky like a phoenix.


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Do you sometimes get the intuitive feeling that your environment is able to influence you? There are rooms, apartments, and spaces where it is very pleasant to be in, and others that leave you feeling exhausted. Feng Shui Grand Master Jes Lim calls this the VAMPIRE-effect, meaning that spaces of low energy automatically draw energy from you.

More and more families and households wish to live in a home that is an energetically ideal environment for them and allows them to charge their batteries.

What does Qi-Mag Feng Shui do?

Challenges in life can have familiar, karmic, health, or other causes. Because this world is based on the principle of resonance, challenges and blocks are always additionally expressed in the environment. If your heart is ready for change, then Qi-Mag Feng Shui can be a highly effective method. By analyzing the symbols that have possibly become manifest in your surroundings, and by intentionally correcting these blocks, your life can regain its momentum and flow.

Where does Qi-Mag Feng Shui help?

Basically it is always advisable to create an energetically positive environment, because a supportive surrounding attracts health, fortune, and success, like a flower attracts the bees. In the following, you can read some typical wishes that can be aspired in a consultation. However, many of our customers generally wish an energetically supporting environment for more vitality and capability for the family, via Feng Shui.

Important: Always focus on one main goal!

Potential goals to aim for:

  • Successful start of a new project
  • Improvement of concentration and capacity
  • Good health and social relationships
  • Successful activation of money flow
  • Gaining new personal expression
  • Living in a harmonic partnership
  • Supporting the children's and/or one's own creativity
  • Activating support from a mentor


Indicators that a Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultation could be urgent and necessary:

  • Is your child agitated? Often children are noticably more sensitive to energies.
  • Do you have trouble to find sleep?
  • Are you often or chronically ill?
  • Do you feel exhausted, weak or out of balance?
  • Do you have trouble to be successfull even though you put in intensive effort?
  • Do you constantly have problems or deficits in relationships?


What is the consultation procedure of a sincere Qi-Mag Consultant?

Qi-Mag Feng Shui, following the classic Feng Shui guidelines, is initially concentrating on the close detection and energetic analysis of an object and the environment, before e.g. going into the details of Feng Shui and the Flying Stars. According to Dr. Jes Lim, these wonderful Feng Shui details can only have their full effect in a space that has been energetically prepared. We live in a time where shapes of buildings, for instance, are not obligatory symmetrical and built out of stone, where the earth's energies increasingly come to the surface due to an increase of the vibration frequence, and where radiation and electronic smog is existing in all facets. Qualified Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultants initially observe the conditions, before going into the complexity of elements, trigrams, and the flying stars. 

Dr. Lim is a believer of simple solutions: After a good consultation, the customer should feel light and inspired, rather than to be scared.


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The word 'Qi-Mag' already explains the essence of what Qi-Mag Feng Shui is all about: Magnetism of Qi, meaning the accumulation of Qi and hence oxygen, as well as the foundation for vitality, harmony, and success.


Our living and working spaces form our direct environment. In most European houses though, there is only a weak flow of vital energy. Causes are, amongst others, shape and design of houses and cold climate in temperate climate zones. Our examinations showed that the percentage of vital energy in buildings is only fifty to sixty percent, if all windows and doors are closed in cold weather. Due to a heavy pollution of electronic smog, the vital energy and oxygen level can sink further down to fifty percent. The main causes for human health problems are to be found in the sleeping and working space. The place where we spend most of our time should be designed so that our bodies are supported and vitalized.

Manifestation of symbols

The practice of Feng Shui in old China used to include the arrangement of buildings, design, shape, and colours, as well as landscape, rural formation, underground Qi, and the evaluation of the Qi in a certain area and cardinal direction, in relation with its inhabitants. A Feng Shui Consultant traditionally arranges the Feng Shui for the male who is taking care of the wealth and finances of the family, hence of their survival. Nowadays man and woman often both earn, additionally there are now many more disturbance zones, caused by modern materials, technology, and electricity.

Modern architecture loves to freely play with shapes and possibilities of individual presentation. Consequently, ludicrous constructions are often created which are maybe fancy but don't offer any long-lasting support for the residents or the business. Feng Shui beliefs that potential effects are often predictable: Would you rather entrust your money to a solid and stable bank with strong walls, or to a glamorous palace made of fragile materials like glas, which cannot keep any energy? Feng Shui was predicting the actual financial crisis many years before. People should stop to see themselves separated from the manifested symbols.

Modern challenges

Under guidance of Dr. Jes Lim, the Qi-Mag Institute made it it's mission to embrace the just mentioned modern Feng Shui challenges in their consultations and trainings. The Qi-Mag Feng Shui Consultants respect their taoistic ancestors: The goal is to harmonize energies and accumulate Qi. How classic Feng Shui can help you if you sleep in a disturbance zone, if oxygen is missing in the air due to radio and electronic radiation, or if you have to sit in a glass cabinet that cannot hold any Qi? 

On the foundation of personal observation, his broad knowledge about health, Feng Shui, successful business, and the energies of our environment, Dr. Lim over decades developed the internationally acknowledged Qi-Mag Feng Shui. Qi-Mag Feng Shui is using classic knowledge about good Feng Shui in all detail and applies it in a modern and contemporary way. Not only when a new building is to be designed, but also when something existing is to be renovated for the well-being and blessing of everybody.

For more information on "What is Feng Shui?: pdf what-is-feng-shui.pdf

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You feel like you should change something in your company? You already did everything you could but haven't made any improvement? The profound and contemporary Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui helps you to increase the success of your business and make it stable. Under the guidance of Dr. Lim, the Qi-Mag Institute made it it's mission to effectively and accurately commit itself to the modern Feng Shui challenges of a business. In order to give you an understanding of how Feng Shui can offer support for your company, we want to give you a brief first impression of several important aspects of Business Feng Shui.  

Seating position of the principal  

It is absolutely necassary for creatively working people, department and executive managers, to enjoy a good view, in order to mentally and creatively expand their horizon. On the other hand, there is a big necessity for privacy and protection from outer influences. We therefore strongly recommend people in leading position to choose their work place energetically correct, in order to be truely guiding and not to be exposed to daily discussions with employees. This automatically happens, if you are not seated in the position of command, but for instance leave this place to the secretary.  

A solid foundation  

A good company building should have a strong and solid foundation structure. As soon as customers and the public will notice this strong foundation, it will simultaniously strengthen their trust and support.  

An open view  

Your company should be equipped with far-sightedness, meaning that a vast view is provided from the main entrance and from the windows of the creative and executive positions. Consequently you will strengthen your innovation and business operations, and also open yourself and your employees for new opportunities.  

Strong backing  

Your company should have a strong backing, so that you are supported from inside as well as from outside. A weak backing means, in Feng Shui terms, that your business will constantly have to confront problems with employees, banks, and the business market.  

Disturbance areas & electronic smog  

Imagine water flowing through lumps of rocks and then down a steep hill. It would be considered as a torrential stream. As soon as this water is allowed to flow through a winding riverbed, it is considered to be gentle and bring fertility to the earth. In translation to a business, this means that destructive behaviour and weak work performance of employees can for instance be caused by them sitting in a disturbance area or being exposed to strong electronic smog. Not only does this weaken their vitality and work performance, but also contributes to confuse them and bring them out of balance. It can have particularly fatal consequences for the entire company, if decision-makers sit in this kind of spaces!

Outstanding performance and creativity  

Buildings that support creativity and outstanding performance should be designed in a way that they reflect the rapidly changing conditions of market and labour as well as the peoples' vision, and also represent true Feng Shui. Qualified Qi-Mag Consultants therefore like to work closely with the executing architects. In cases of existing objects, they give advise strictly following the Qi-Mag Feng Shui guidelines. Dr. Lim's favourite motto is: There is a solution for every problem. Taking advantage of a rich pool of solutions and possibilities, gained by long experience in Business Feng Shui, Qi-Mag Consultants have the goal to always reach the highest possible energetic efficiency with the smallest possible effort. In addition, your Qi-Mag Feng Shui and Tao Geomancy Consultants are specialized to detect and neutralize the different forces of disturbance areas and geopathic stress zones.  

The following problems of a business can be corrected via Feng Shui measures:  

  • leadership crises
  • deficit of innovation
  • unproductive employees
  • frequent work accidents
  • mobbing and burnout
  • high rate of illness
  • unnecessary lawsuits
  • overly high costs
  • low profit
  • shop is not receiving attention
  • clientele is not growing  


Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui offers interesting and effective possibilities for your company to support the overall success by means of conscious exterior changes!  

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