All of you know about the extreme hazard and dangerous highly toxic radioactive radiations, which could cause death or cancer and leukemia in the future, coming from the Fukushima nuclear plants. Radiations from the plants can be traced as far away as America thousands of kilometers away. Yet the Japanese Government said it is not dangerous if you are over 30 kilometers away.

Evacuation is necessary

The Japanese Government and the Power company have not revealed the true danger picture to the Japanese people for fear that they have to evacuate over 30-40 million Japanese around Fukushima - where to keep these large number of Japanese for months or even years is the problem for the Japanese Government??? Japan was hit by two atomic bombs and yet Japan was one of the first country in the world to install nuclear power plants. Did the Japanese as a nation not learn their lesson well?

Lectures for humanity

I believe that the nuclear power plants explosions in Fukushima come from "Tao Mother Nature" by trying to save the Earth planet and humanity by teaching lessons to the people. People around the world are sad and have great compassion for the Japanese people about these nuclear plants incidents. BUT on the other side, the peaceful loving and eco-green people of the world get support now.  

The good in the bad news

A large number of countries were considering installing several hundred nuclear power plants in the future. Now people all over the world and especially politicians are learning about the great hazard of nuclear power plants and reconsider using other means to create electricity. This rethinking on installing nuclear power plants is the good news for us and our children and grandchildren.

Abundance of natural resources

Many of us in Europe are really worried about the old nuclear power plants in France and Germany. One nuclear accident (nature or human caused) in France and Germany would probably make many parts of Europe uninhabitable for a long time. We all should support the campaign against the installation of nuclear power plants. Natural resources like natural gas, oil, thermo-power, wind and sun power are abundance in nature. The problems of fear shortage are created by a few oil companies and major oil producing countries to raise their oil prices.

Act now

It is time for the peaceful warrior people of each country to come up and voice your opinion about issues that affect your future health and the health of your grandchildren. Write to your member of parliament rejecting the use of nuclear power plants for your country!!! Act now while the nuclear issue is still HOT!!!

Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim


Information about Masaru Emoto's Peace Project: more...


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