One of the Qi-Mag Institute's missions is to make effective alternative healing methods available to interested people. Of course we do appreciate the modern medicine and do not want to miss it. However, alternative healing methods often cure severe diseases in a more gentle and side-effect-free way. The many reliefs and cures of diseases, that we have experienced over the past decades, motivate us to stick to this path. Diseases which were subject of medical experiments, unavailingly using heavy, expensive medication and hence resulting in severe side-effects! The goal of the Qi-Mag Institute and its founder Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim is a holistic healing process, regarding the entire human being – body, mind, and soul.


Tao Health Coaches, trained by the Qi-Mag Institute, initially observe and analyze the body. What illness does it have? Where are the blocks? The body juices are reactivated using selected herbs, vitamins, and body exercises, while blocks and congestion are brought back into flow by massage. Regular massage is, by the way, a brilliant way to keep your body healthy. Massage helps to loosen tissue and muscles and activate the flowing of lymph fluid. It serves as prevention, so blocks do not even start to accumulate in the body. Physical health means to maintain harmony, vitality, and optimum functions of body cells, tissue, and organs, and to support daily vitality and health. The human body is built so that it should be avoided to excessively strain it, because this weakens and stresses the cells and the entire body system.


It is extremely important that the person consciously decides to wish to be healthy. Without this clear decision which has to be sincere, it is hard to fully heal somebody. We have experienced the healing of cases that had already been given up by the doctors. All these people decided to live, on the deepest emotinoal level, and made it their goal to still have a certain experience in their life. For example, to see the grand children grow up or to go on a world trip – something, that deeply moves them. As soon as a clear goal is emotionally anchored, the subconsiousness and the consciousness automatically orientate themselves towards this goal. As soon as the goal is in focus, the path becomes clear!


In our deepest inside, we are all longing for appreciation and love. Fear, anger, and despair disable us and therefore others. These emotions become manifest in our bodies as energetic blocks that can develop into viruses or organ and skin diseases. It is essential for a true healing to learn to forgive and lovingly accept oneself and others. In the Qi-Mag Health Courses, different methods and procedures are taught to solve these difficult inner patterns. Patterns which are often deeply anchored in the soul and from there mark our lives. Patterns which were formed in our childhood and which radiate to us from our ancestors.



Many diseases have karmic causes. These causes can be dissolved in Dr. Lim's Neutrakon past-life regression techniques, in order to allow a successful healing process.


Everything is vibration – is energy! The Tao health coaches support the body with strong positive energy. They use special high frequency devices, such as stones, to direct this high energy into the particular places of pain, blocks, or viruses. Of course, they take care to increase the energy level of the entire body. Additionally, they make sure that the environment, hence the work or living space, vibrates in a supportive energy and is sufficiently supplied with oxygen. This supports the body immensely and enables it to put its energies into the self-healing process, instead of completely wasting it for life maintainance. Health is a holistic approach, in which body, mind, soul, and the environment interact with each other.


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Traditional chinese medicine has very simple methods for treating people in a very effective and gentle way for the body.



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