Dr. Lim about Geomancy

Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim explains in the following text, how he found his way to geomancy:

My grandfather was a very wealthy business man who owned a big armada. He used to deal with cattle all across Asia. When my family lost everything in the war and had to escape to Malaysia, my father was searching for a suitable place to begin a new life with his family. He had the following criterias:

Firstly, a view on the ocean, to be able to receive all goods and opportunities that are wanting to come along, and secondly a good backing by the village. This was the way we began our new life, and this was also the way my sensitivity was formed for the importance of the energies in our landscape. 

Spiritual Feng Shui

Tao Spiritual Feng Shui practices were commonly carried out by experienced Tao masters in homes, official residences, palaces and villages where people experienced unexplained sicknesses, deaths, depressions and mental disorders. Spiritual Feng Shui which is the highest level of Feng Shui practice, nowadays is not so often practiced, as few modern Feng Shui consultants and masters have the in-depth spiritual knowledge to do this work.

Nature's consciousness

In Taoist spiritual Feng Shui, practitioners recognize the existence of nature's spirits and nature's consciousness that have their own intelligence. We humans through transmission and activation from masters can effectively communicate with these spirits. Living beings (humans, animals, plants, etc.) and non-living things in nature through hundreds and thousands of years of processes and evolution in their landscape environment have formed their own unique consciousness which since ancient times has been given different names like "land spirits", "mountain spirits", "river spirits", "deva", "gaia", according to the spiritual sensitivity and spiritual development of the individuals who feel or "see" these consciousnesses. Ideally, humans and animals should co-exist harmoniously with these invisible spirits in our living environment. Often, due to earth geopathic stress like fault lines and vortexes, nature's environmental consciousness becomes disturbed and in turbulence and becomes very negative to humans and animals. These disharmonious turbulences have to be harmonized with special spiritual rituals.

Cleanse negative frequencies

Past humans' negative activities like wars, killings, curses, and graves have created negative metamorphosis frequencies under our homes and offices that often cause lots of emotional, mental, and physical problems, affecting health and performance of humans. Special techniques are applied to cleanse these negative frequencies as deep as 100 meters into the ground to release the anchored memories and to restore land and ground to nature's state.

Places of spiritual energy in nature

Traditionally, we Asians always collect information about a house or building, before moving in, to find out if it used to be a place of luck, fortune, and peace or rather a place of conflicts and disease. In case it can not be avoided to move into an 'unfortunate' place, we get in touch with a taoistic master. They clear the energies and cleanse the space in order to avoid any misfortune.

In case of a disease or death, we carry out particular purification rituals afterwards. There is a rich tradition of taoistic geomancy. Our wise men have perfected this art to true mastership. They put great emphasis on living in harmony with nature and the environment and on using them as a source of strength, joy, and inspiration. Nature offers many places of spiritual energy that have the power to rejuvenate and inspire us. In those places the wise men built temples and caves of meditation. 

Memories preserved in the earth

I am astonished how the western world – and even modern China – insists to ignore or even deny the energetic influences of the environment and the old memories that are preserved in buildings and places. In my view, their negative impact on our personal well-being is greatly underestimated. In the event of somebody sleeping on top of an interference field or an underground water course for a long period of time, I experienced that neither a doctor nor superficial Feng Shui can help. In cases as such, the knowledge of Tao Geomancy is needed.

It is very noticeable how a place respires, once it is acknowledged and supported to return to it's positive original state, working with love and energy. How we humans have trampled on our earth for generations, with our wars, quarrels, and pollution, while it is she who carries us and is in need of our love and attention.

I like to share my knowledge of earth-healing by Tao Geomancy with my students, because it is a particularly important aspect of my work to create a good environment for human beeings.

I have designed three Tao Earth Geomancy courses from Tao 1 to Tao 3. Students learn to identify from up to 300 natural and human-caused stressful frequencies that are anchored on the land under houses or offices and in gardens that have negative effects on humans' health and their emotional harmony. Remedies and techniques are applied to harmonize and protect humans using the building space. more...

May many old wounds heal that still lie dormant in the earth!

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Dr. Lim is activating a healing stone. Even the Celts already knew about the possibility to anchor energies inside of stones. In many different places Dr. Lim did stone setting and activated stones in order to give a permanent healing impulse for people and environment.