Health tips from Lim's kitchen

According to Dr. Jes Lim, we should observe and mind the gardens, parks, and woods in our direct environment, since they often provide herbs that are beneficial for our health. Let's for example mention the dandelion. It is considered a weed that grows everywhere, but at the same time it is an exellent medicine for liver or eye problems. And it grows everywhere for free! It is also very tasty to make salads or to prepare it like spinach. Another medical plant that is misjudged as a weed is the stinging nettle. The nettle cleanses and purifies, ideal for a springtime cure. The nettle is also very tasty when cooked. Isn't nature wonderful? The more you appreciate this fullness, support, and love that nature offers man, the more you will be rewarded.

Asparagus cure

The traditional Chinese woman knows about the powers and juices of food, in order to keep her family healthy, and knows how to use them in tasty, nurturing, warming or cooling recipes. On the one hand, the seasonal fruits and vegetables are often just the right nutrition for the momentary weather; on the other hand, you can intentionally use food as a cure. Let's take the asparagus as an example: In the asparagus time, it is good to eat one pound of asparagus per day to cleanse one's kidneys and divert potential renal gravel.

Health is tasty

Looking at the shape of the food, you can often see for which organ it is particularly beneficial and nutritious. Look at the walnut for instance: It is very beneficial for the brain and the memory; and it looks like a brain. Be creative and intuitive to discover the healing power of your daily food and make deliberate use of it. Health is very tasty and is offered to us by nature for free, far from expensive pills and powders!

Charging water

For your health it is very beneficial if you positively charge your water before drinking it. The same way, energized food can become noticably tastier and easier to digest.


There are many simple methods all around health and different kinds of therapy. Dr. Lim offers a broad programme of seminars about this topic. Each single one is an enrichment. Who wants to go deeper into it, can choose the training to become a qualified Tao Health Coach. more...

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