Health Courses & Trainings

Under guidance of Dr. Jes Lim, the Qi-Mag Institute offers an extensive programme aiming at holistic health and personal development. Wether you want to engage yourself in your individual and family's health or if you already work as a therapist: Dr. Lim's Health courses can be great enrichment for anybody. Sometimes a single course can help to give you a new professional perspective.

Do you wish to get a first impression of Dr.  Lim and health?

Dr. Lim offers evening lectures in different cities, where he is going to talk about Quantum Healing and other topics. There is always space for questions. more...

Do you wish to join a seminar about health some time?

We recommend the Tao health courses. In these courses, different holistic health and healing methods will be introduced, in order to gain a broad understanding for energetic interactions. Each course covers another subject, so you can find out which healing method is right for you. Each course also includes some wellness as you will be practicing your new knowledge on each other in group sessions. Of course, this happens under loving supervision. The courses offer a knowledge that will daily support your individual and your family's health. You can find the entire holistic course programme in the following chapter.

Health courses

The following courses can be booked:

  • Qi-Mag Quantum Healing more... 
  • Tao Qi-Mag Advanced Health Therapy
  • Tao Qi-Mag Preventive Health & Advanced Therapy 
  • Neutrakon 1 – Past-life Regression Therapy
  • Neutrakon 2 – Work with the Ancestors 
  • Qi-Mag Acupunture & Acupressure 

Dr. Lim does not offer all the courses every year. Please have a look at our website regularly to stay informed.

For your inspiration, you are welcome to read the statements which are shared by several Qi-Mag consultants.

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