Geopathic Stress Zones

As soon as we realize that we are not separated from our environment but are part of it, we draw the  conclusion that every environmental aspect can have an influence on us. In the so-called geopathology, the teaching of stress zones in the earth, we examine the different zones which can have a certain impact on the inhabitants. There are hundreds of these zones. In the following paragraph, we explain the most important and most common ones.

Water veins

Water veins are the accumulation or streams of water underneath the surface which can cause an irregularity of the normal terrestrial magnetic field and hence cause earth radiation. In the event of a tree growing on top of a water vein, it often twists, turns away or gets infected with tree cancer. For human beeings, it can be very unhealthy to sleep on water veins, or worse, water vein crossings, because the body is constantly exposed to their permanent radiation and is weakened by it.

Terrestrial magnetic grids

Hartmann, Benker and Curry lines are terrestrial magnetic grids which help many insects and animals, for instance migratory birds, to orientate themselves. A Tao Geomancy Consultant thoroughly examines if potential crossings can be found, because they can be responsible for negative effects on the sleeping or work place. At the moment, there are some interesting research projects underway on the effects of terrestrial magnetic fields on our life perception.

Earth dislocations

Earth dislocations are underground disruptions which are created by the shifting of earth layers due to underground atomic bomb experiments or excessive mining. These areas of disturbance act like energetic ridges under the earth which should be harmonized.

Black streams

In the course of millions of years, when oceans became mountains and mountains turned back into oceans again, more and more depositions took place which decomposed and hence deposited in a swamp-like way. These depositions are called black streams, because they partially still produce sulfurous gases and can affect the good Qi.

In an Earth Geomancy consultation, the Qi-Mag Tao Geomancy consultants examine from 150-300 natural occurring and humans caused frequencies under a house/building to identify those that cause stress and disturbing frequencies to humans in buildings which include the following common ones below:....... 

  • Are there water veins underneath the house or office, underneath of beds or underneath work desks?
  • Where are the Benker and Curry lines?
  • Are there earth dislocations or earth spirals underneath the object?
  • Are there active black streams, which produce sulfurous gases?
  • Where are natural places of positive energy, that could be strengthened?

Dr. Lim always stresses how important it is to initially harmonize the earth's stress zones before beginning the Feng Shui consultation. He teaches how to find the different geopathic fields and how to analyse them. The best Feng Shui is useless, if you, for instance, sleep on an earth dislocation and therefore weaken your health night after night. It is therefore a priority for the Tao Geomancy Consultants to bring the land back into its original and natural state. Afterwards, good Qi for the residents is channeled into the building, following the laws of the Qi-Mag Feng Shui.


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Trees that suffer from so-called 'tree cancer' are often positioned in geopathic stress zones such as water vein crossings.