Colours of Life

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The Flower of Life was designed by the old egyptians. However, you can find this symbol in similar forms in lots of other cultures as well. The Flower of Life can be interpreted as a symbol for our DNA, our connection to the bodycells, and as a symbol for the network of life.

It is a symbol with a high positive radiation and has a multiple use to create positive energies through the power of the symbol. Each one of the colours of the rainbow represents a special emission of light and therefore carries it's special quality. If we are aware of this radiation, we can use it in our life with ease.

Show your true colours!

In the old world-cultures, coloured clothing did and still does express rank and position, as well as feelings and situation. For example, in the Middle Ages in Germany there has been a strict order of who is authorized to which colour. An ordinary person was prohibited by punishment to wear certain colours.

Find your Element

The Chinese developed over hundreds of years the doctrine of the five elements.
Unlike in the west, in China there are five elements: Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water.

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