Mission Statement

The Qi-Mag International Feng Shui Institute offers structured educational programmes to create reputable professional Feng Shui practices.

Through the services offered by our consultants, the Institute aims at expanding human consciousness on the dynamics of both the living and work space that impact and enhance the quality of our lifestyle and well being.

Our programmes and services are based on the profound knowledge of the founder Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim.

We believe that our applied modern and classic Feng Shui practices as well as our earth geomancy work bring harmony and vitality to homes, offices, public sectors and the environment. They will support human vitality and enhance man’s success in life.

We are committed
to continuous personal and professional growth to ensure that we always deliver to the maximum of our capabilities.

We show our commitment
through the practice of the ten Qi-Mag values which are: love, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, healing, self-development, partnership, joy, generosity, engagement.

We share the founder's vision that the increasing number of well trained consultants worldwide will help to transform the world on a holistic level. We achieve this by bringing more harmony, vitality, happiness, and abundance to both our clients' professional and personal lives.

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