Qi-Mag Consciousness

The ten aspects of the highest Qi-Mag Consciousness for fullness, abundance, and the well-being of everybody.

We would like to introduce our meditation to you here. Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim composed it for his students and recommends to calmly go through these thoughts every day and let oneself be wrapped in and soaked by the particular light. Respectable Qi-Mag Consultants and Tao Life Coaches fill their work and life with positive thinking, according to the philosophy of the Qi-Mag Institute.

This meditation is suitable for everyone. You are very welcome to have a go with it. Therefore, sit in a comfortable  and relaxed position, possibly accompanied by a pleasant fragrance. Then you visualize the particular light and go through the noted list of thoughts on the ten important aspects of life. We wish you plenty of inspiration!


The Qi-Mag Supreme Consciousness radiates ten key consciousnesses for our and other’s well-being and abundance.


Most important is to love yourself, for love is the nutrition of the soul. All living things and creatures need love to grow and progress. Radiate human and universal love for quantum healing to humans, animals, plants, and all living things without segregation. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant pink.

Compassion and Respect

Let others and living things live in peace and co-existence as we would like to live. Respect others’ views, actions, and beliefs. Be less judging of others and have a heart and thoughts for others who are less fortunate. Support those who are less capable so that they can help themselves to be independent and free. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant purple.


Forgive and forget past problems, disagreements, unkind deeds of others, hate, victimization, blame, and discrimination. These are past problems that give you more experience and wisdom to deal with future problems. Only then you can release your negative feelings of anger, aggression, withdrawal, guilt feeling, and fear. Non-forgiving the past problems is poisoning your emotions, mind, physical body, and your soul and is man’s greatest obstacle to move on to progress, growth, success, and abundance in life. Anger causes disharmony, destroys motivation, creativity, and abundance. Forget and let go of the unpleasant past and live NOW for a progressive good future for yourself, your family, and your team. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant violet.


You need to develop a positive grateful attitude to remember your mentors, those who support and help you to be where and who you are now. Be thankful that with these people’s help and support you have a good and successful life. Most important: You must remember the efforts your parents have made to bring you up with all the stress and demands of modern society. Express respect, honour, and appreciate those who support and teach you and give you valuable advice. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant pinkish blue.


Take time for yourself daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to meditate and to rest and do self-healing to recharge yourself and rejuvenate. Have regular rest or holidays to relax your mind, physical body, and soul. Now you have the power to heal your family, your team, and others. A good and effective healer is a person who can heal himself or herself first. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant blue.


Take time for yourself to go inside to discover who you really are and what you want. You are a different person during your life-time. Take time to review your goal, vision, and progress. Continuous self-development, improvement, and self-knowledge is necessary to update your knowledge and wisdom, to improve your work and career, to be ahead of your time, to perform your excellence. Carry out continuous innovation and improvement on your techniques and procedures to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and the courage to do good deeds to improve humanity. Improve your leadership quality with practice and experience to shoulder more responsibility to help improving the quality of life of yourself and others. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant jade green.


Have a big heart! Be generous to yourself and others. Share your knowledge, know-how and whatever you can spare to create a smooth two-way flow with others. Be prepared to share the cake if others have none. Avoid „myself only“-selfishness and greed-to-take-all-attitude. Let others have some opportunity to live and survive. Spare some time to think and take action how you can contribute your time and service generously to help others who are less fortunate than you. You and your community are to improve their lives as a thank-you gift for abundance and success on this abundant planet earth. Develop a sharing attitude to create the radiant abundance and eliminate fear to enhance community and world peace. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant gold.

Relationship & Fellowship

Make extra efforts to achieve and nurture a good cordial relationship with your partners, family members, and work colleagues. All humans are friends and we live in harmony and in peaceful co-existence together - we all support each other’s existence at various levels. We are living in a global village. You need to network and be good team-members to expand your scope and create opportunity to be helpful to your fellow beings. All successful people work through networking and the ability to work harmoniously with lots of people to multiply their skills and wisdom. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant orange.

Happiness & Fun

Just be happy who you are, content with what you get and have. Be happy and have fun and enjoy the moment now. Transform unhappy moments to participate in happy and fun events - join a happy group such as a festival group and have fun like a child. The past is history that adds spice and wisdom to your present and future experience. Your age only gives you more wisdom to be smarter to deal with the future's more challenging conditions. A major part of your heritage is having fun and joy. Whatever you do or how difficult your task is - just enjoy it. There is no barrier to have fun and happiness in your daily life. Only you can determine your own attitude and desire. Choose happiness and fun right now. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant pink-orange.


Commitment and Passion

You are born free to choose your own way of life. Always strive to be independent and self-sufficient. Take full responsibility (means make no excuses and don't blame others) to achieve excellence for your own life, your family, your group, and your community. Make totally positive commitments and contributions for your wellbeing and the success of your team or group. Always give your best and give passion to be fully committed to what you desire and what you have promised to do. Always give your clients and customers more than what they expect from you. Colour of radiant light: Brilliant red.


Now you are fully empowered to carry out your desires with passion for your well-being, happiness, and abundance.


Ten Qi-Mag Supreme Colour: Brilliant whitish pink containing all seven colours of the rainbow.


Bad times and daily living difficulties like human conflicts, war, bad weather conditions, lack of opportunity etc. are short term problems. Have a strong positive outlook and change your own inner consciousness and thoughts so that you can change the outside world. Positive changes that you make in your inner self create quantum effects around you. Everything around you changes to your new changed consciousness. A drop of water creates hundreds of ripples!

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