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Welcome at Karma & Health! We are happy to introduce you to the all-embracing understanding of the coherency of Karma and health and maybe show you a way how to take charge of your life.

In resonance with life

According to the Taoists, a long healthy life is the highest of goods. Why? In a healthy flexible body, the mind can live freely and positively develop towards the great Tao of enlightenment. This philosophy is the foundation on which the old teachings of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi and Qi-Gong are based on. Up to this day, a balanced diet plays an equally important part in the traditional Chinese families. The goal of all these disciplines is to open body and mind, in order to bring them in resonance with the flow, the living, the life. By appliance of the extensive understanding of the all-penetrating Qi, severe diseases can often be relieved and brought into the process of healing. In addition, personal attitudes and personal Karma are important factors.

The fruits of Karma

Do you wish to enable the recovery and development of your soul and it's temple, the body? In our view, it is inevitable to include Karma in our way of understanding, because it contains the causes of potential pain in this present life. Everything we experience in this life is built on previous events that are often to be found in past lives. No pain falls from blue sky but has always been planted at one point. Once you are aware of it and ready to face this realization, you get the opportunity to let go of your role as the suffering victim. This way it is possible to freely, greatfully, and consciously rearrange your life. Often a small change is able to evoke a massively positive effect.

Eastern wisdom for the West

Being a professor and doctor for acupuncture and a doctor of philosophy as well as having been trained in various schools of medicine, Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim founded the Qi-Mag Institute 20 years ago, in order to introduce a broad, all-embracing understanding of the human health to the West. His vision is, on the one hand, to convey a holistic understanding of the energies of our environment through Feng Shui, and, on the other hand, to show how to keep the body healthy and how to heal it.

Do you wish to learn more? We are happy to give you a short summary of topics all about Karma & Health, which you can find on this website.


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This subject pervades Dr. Lim's work and his seminars. Dr. Lim has clair-voyant abilities which help him to detect old patterns from past lifes. Often he gives his students discreet thought-provoking impulses, in order to make them work on such patterns and help them to develop.

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