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The old taoistic masters commonly used to introduce geomantic aspects into their Feng Shui consultations. Today in particular, where the entire vibration of the earth is changing, old tales and memories which have rested for decades increasingly come to the surface. We believe that the world needs people who have this old knowledge and who recognize and dissolve the ancient preserved consciousness with love and sensitivity.

This course with Grand-Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim is the continuation of the seminar Tao Geomancy level 1. The energetic levels of subtle substances are presented in an even deeper way.

Course contents are (amongst others):

  • tao3Special meditation and activation to increase the spiritual consciousness.
  • How to cooperate with trees and plants in order to gain their support when purifying the land.
  • How to communicate with trees, water, and land-energies to remove old negative energies and curses.
  • How to communicate with plants to purify the environment and for health purposes.
  • Purifying techniques for polluted water.
  • Polarizing wood to prevent symptoms of decline.
  • Polarizing and activating stone, concrete, and marble to block negative energies.
  • Polarizing and activating individual stones and fossils.
  • Activating fruits to increase the vital energy.
  • Advanced techniques to purify negative earth energies.
  • Power breathing for one’s own protection and for good health.
  • Techniques to rebalance the body after an earth purification .

Many practical examples are shown in the class. During the evening team-work one trains again what one has learned.
The course is taught in English with German translation.
Each participant receives a detailed handbook.
Having completed the course, the participants receive an international certificate.

Please Consider

The organization reserves the right to change the schedule. All participants have to effect their own health- and accident insurance for their own protection. All participants have to accept that the organization and the Qi-Mag Institute cannot be made responsible for any accidents or injuries. All participants have to book and pay the flights from and to Colombo by themselves.

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Feng Shui Grand-Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim

Good health and the freedom of self-determination are the highest of goods to him. He therefore dedicates his life to make the teachings of Feng Shui, geomancy, and alternative medicine more accessible for people.