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The ancient  knowledge and wisdom of the Tao metaphysical and spiritual
harmonization and healing practice

International training / workshop series

Traumatic experiences during many of our past lives are causing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level problems and blockages in our normal body functions. Often times during our past we experienced  injuries from thrusting  or firearms, extreme suffering experiences, terminal wounds and so on. During the Tao Noetic  Spiritual Surgery Therapy it is common to find over a hundred of these spiritual memory images on the human body.
These past traumatic experiences are manifested today as: muscular -, joint-, backbone pains, slipped disk, sinuses problems, headaches, heart problems, tumors, gall stones, hearing problems, Parkinson´s disease, migraine and stomach pains, limbs paralysis and so on. These present problems are identifiable as spiritual memory images in the energy field of the human body.
In this training series  the whole human body with all its problems is considered holistically. You learn  to carry out the metaphysical and spiritual therapy to holistically harmonize and healing each section of the body or organ on six holistic levels, nine spiritual consciousness levels and over 5000 years of soul life to bring the body back to its normal functions.


The training consists of an 8 part workshop series with a lot of practical sessions. Each Workshop is a complete course. Three workshops deal  with  the outer  body and five with the inner body  (including the internal organs).  Participants learn to work on the particular spiritual memory  images in the organs and on the body.

Special highlight of each workshop:
Each participant receives from Tao-Grandmaster Jes T. Y. Lim, according to the specific  workshop level, the necessary Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery spiritual transmission and Tao Kundalini activation. 

Your benefits:

  • Each workshop is a “self healing” workshop for all participants
  • Through the special Tao spiritual transmission and Tao activation you become  more aware and heightened  sensitivity on the energy field of the human body
  • The Tao Noetic  Spiritual Surgery Therapy  training can be the start of a new job  for you

No  prior knowledge is required.  Minimum age: 21 years

Workshop Level 1:

Removal  and harmonization of spiritual memory images from extreme suffering experiences from past lives.
Many people were in their past lives victims from extreme suffering experiences. Parts of the body were locked up or confined in shackles on the neck, legs, arms and hips.                                          
Curses were often put on a person´s body to restrict their ability to do certain tasks causing lack of confident and self-worth or to ensure the failure of a love relationship or causing impotence or causing phantom fear etc.
These traumatic  past experiences remain on the body as spiritual memory  images  in the soul-, etheric and auric fields on the body  and can be identified.
They often cause restricted and painful movements of the neck, the arms and legs, joints and the backbone or as regular recurring pains, weaknesses of the organs, back pains, muscular and joints pains, migraine, general fatique, impotence, heart problems, stroke, numerous allergies and the feeling that you are not free to do what you want to do in your daily life.

After the special Tao Energy Transmission and Tao Activation you learn:

  • how to apply the Tao Macro Spiritual Techniques to identify the problem areas  in the energy field of the human body
  • to work with these  techniques on six holistic levels and nine levels of spiritual consciousness over 5000 years of soul life, to remove  this old spiritual memory images to harmonize, heal and reduce the discomfort and pains and to restore the body to normal functions.

This is the first workshop towards achieving the master certificate of the Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery. 

Tao Grand Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim

  • Founder of the Qi-Mag East-West Medicina Alternativa Institute, Sri Lanka
  • Teaching professor of Natural Medicine and Acupuncture at the Medicinal Alternativa Institute ( WHO-UN) and Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka
  • Inventor of the rhythmic pulse diagnosis (R-Pulse Technique)  and one needle integrated acupuncture( Tao Acu-One) to fast relief body tissues and muscular pains
  • Founder of  the Qi-Mag International Feng Shui & Geobiology Institute
  • Expert on Qi-Mag Feng Shui, vital energy in land and water formations and high vitality and harmonic building designs
  • Expert on earth geomantic, he can identify over 350 natural and humans made energy frequencies in the ground and nature’s landscapes and able to transform many of these frequencies to support humans (animals and plants) healthy living and growth
  • Founder of the Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery

Dr. med. univ. Helga  Hörl

  • Medical study  and Graduation as a medical doctor in 1993
  • private practice in Austria
  • Expert on natural medicine
  • Co-Founder of the Tao Noetic Spiritual Surgery
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