Business Feng Shui Consultant course / webinar

Freitag, 10. Juli 2020 bis Montag, 20. Juli 2020

After much consideration of the messages we received with regards to governmental restrictions, cancellation of events for safety reasons and borders closure or discouragement for travels up to Sep 2020, it is now decided that we shall not proceed to have any courses in Europe this year.

For the benefit of those who would still like to attend this course, we therefore suggest to join us for online webinar as follows ?

☯️ Business Feng Shui Consultant course webinar in July 2020 but breaking into 2 parts of 3 days each.

10th to 12th July 2020 (1st part - 3 days);
18th to 20th July 2020 (2nd part - 3 days).

Time for courses: 1pm to 9.30pm daily (MYT) / 7am to 3.30pm (CEST)

The practical business walkabout are excluded from this course.

Activations and transmissions & course handbook will remain the same.

  Training works have to be arranged differently ie those who attend will have to get into teams for discussions.

The price is therefore, revised to Eur3800.00 per person for ALL / USD3,800.00 for Mexicans only.

This is a revised and improved syllabus business Feng Shui course from the 2001’s course with additional information, strategies and materials on designing empowered CEO and senior executives’ suits and offices.

This is a special note to all Business and Corporate Consultants. More and more large business corporations around the world that are housed in modern buildings, are facing severe global competitions. Many companies from Asia have failed, became unprofitable and unable to achieve their yearly business and financial targets.

The main cause of these business failures can be summarized down to bad Feng Shui designs, lack of empowering Feng Shui supports and inadequate business enhancing remedies. Modern building developers and property owners are under false belief that glass walls around their buildings will promote more transparency, advance looking or hype building!

Glass walls on buildings are breaking many cardinal good practices, Feng Shui rules and natural laws for harmony, vitality and peace. An example: Deutsch Bank, Germany’s largest bank Head Office in Frankfurt was built completely with glazed reflective glass walls… we found that this building has exceptional low vitality within the building, which was not able to support their workers….they made many big mistakes and it is in the news they are facing huge financial challenges! Can we do something to help them resolve some of the difficulties?

YES! We can give them advice to improve their working conditions and reduce
Feng Shui negative effects through the implementation of empowering and supportive Feng Shui remedies! Some of the issues and remedies will be discussed during the 6-days course.This is an exciting and rewarding course with excellent value for money! You just need to do one consultation and you get your money back!!!

The price of this course has been significantly reduced so that most Qi-Mag consultants can participate and create a new business opportunity to conduct business feng shui consultations. The fee will be doubled in the coming years! This is a valuable investment for you and your company. All you need to do is conduct a Feng Shui business consultation to get your investment back. For this you normally charge 20.00 Euro / 20.00 USD per square meter. For large buildings (factories) you charge about half (i.e. 10 euros per square meter) or agree an acceptable price.

In addition to the planned theoretical topics and practical work for
The participants of this course also learn this course through the exchange with two (2) senior consultants from Qi-Mag about their business feng shui consulting projects. One of them will present the municipalities' requirements for architectural designs in Germany.

People who have attended the first Business Feng Shui counseling course in Barcelona can take this course at half the course price (i.e. 1,900.00 euros for everyone / USD 1,900.00 only for Mexicans).

Those who have completed Feng Shui Consultant 1, Consultant 2 and this Business & Corporate Feng Shui Consultation course will receive a "Diploma in Business & Corporate Feng Shui Consultations". Please inform Cleo by email to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! when you register, which courses you have completed, so that she can complete the right diploma for you before the course. The diploma will be awarded to you at a suitable date or mailed to you, if requested.

Other participants receive a “Certificate of Competence in Business & Corporate Feng Shui Consultations”.

Minimum requirements for this course: Qi-Mag Feng Shui 1, Feng Shui 2 and
Consultant 1 courses. OR: Qi-Mag Feng Shui 3 (Basics of Business Feng-Shui) and Geomancy 1. The next course will be in 2025.

For more details on courses and other enquiries, please feel free to send Cleo/Rebecca an email via Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or by “Telegram” Social Chat at Mobile No: +60 167706211 (Cleo) or +60 1151239875 (Rebecca).

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Business Feng Shui Consultant course / webinar
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2020-07-10, 12:00
Dr. Jes Tyng-Yee Lim
3800,00 € pro Person
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