Mountains & Water Dragons Course

Sunday, 20. June 2021 until Saturday, 26. June 2021

Date: Sunday, 20th to Saturday, 26th June 2021 (7 days)

Time: 0930hrs to 1800hrs (Berlin Time)

Fee: + Eur 2600.00 (All) / + USD 2600.00 (Mex)

(i) Pre-requisite: None. Everyone can attend this course.

(ii) Course contents:

a) Hundreds of waters, rivers, lakes and different shapes hills and mountains drawings and pictures and their implications, negative and positive effects and benefits on humans and animals will be explained.

b) How to make or create remedies when you or your clients are faced with non-prosperous and negative landscapes, rivers and mountains.

c) How to enhance the vitality, psychic, tangible and intangible benefits of waters around or inside your homes, office and cities.

d) How to create high abundance and prosperity waters to further enhance yours or your clients’ abundance and business success and sustained success.

e) NOTE: this course is of almost importance for all Feng Shui consultants, as they can apply many of the principles and practices discussed in this course to change the luck, fortune and success for themselves and their clients. A most essential course for successful Feng Shui consultants.


For additional Informations, kindly contact: Mdm. Cleopatra Lajawai at Tel#: +60167706211 / +601151239875; Or Inquire: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This event is not available for booking online.
Closing date
2021-06-20, 13:00
Dr. Jes Tyng-Yee Lim
$ 2600.00 p.p.
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