Webinar: Lo-Shu Astrology (Practitioner Choice / Basic)

Samstag, 20. Juni 2020 bis Sonntag, 21. Juni 2020

Webinar: Qi-Mag Lo-Shu Astrology

“Your birth chart represents WHO YOU ARE!  According to ancient Lo-Shu Astrology chart, children born during the year 2000 do not have 1 and 9 like those born during 1900s. They do not have 1 for money and 9 for higher power and intelligence. They only have 2 in their birth chart, which gives them sharing and connection through networking and internet. Online education and  businesses connected with e-commerce will be the future and there is less necessity to travel  overseas and spend 4 years in universities at high costs and debts when specialised courses of 1 to 2 years will be more job and work effective.”

Grandmaster Jes T. Y. Lim, 14th April 2020.

Date: Saturday, 20th to Sunday, 21st June 2020(2 days)

Time: 1300 hrs to 2130 hrs (MYT) / 0700 hrs to 1530 hrs (CEST)

Fee: Eur400.00 (All) / USD400.00 (Mex) / with German Translation Eur450.00

  1. This Qi-Mag Lo-Shu Astrology course focuses on the 9 magic squares of an ancient Taoist numerology and divination system, founded over 4500 years ago.  Other areas of studies during this course include introductions to (i) Chinese Astrology, (ii) Western Numerology, (iii) Name Frequencies, (iv) Western Astrology, (v) Remedies and Suggestions, (vi) Combinations of Chinese/Western animal signs, (vii) Conversion of Western Solar Calendar / Chinese Lunar Calendar.
  2. The characters/behaviours and the inner strength of a person can be accurately interpreted within one minute with the ancient Lo-Shu grid.  In this course, Grandmaster Lim will guide participants to interpreting birth charts and how these interpretations can affect and help businesses in selecting the ‘right’ people for the jobs!  Understanding the Lo-Shu numerology of the people in a team or the human resources in a company can help businesses achieve their visions and missions in a more cost-effective manner.
  3. In recent years, Grandmaster Lim further discovered that these interpretations can further open up the hidden potentials and give empowerment to a person who is lacking in certain leadership and skills qualities.  During this course, Grandmaster Lim will be introducing his latest discovery of the connection of an individual’s karma/character/behaviour to his/her birth chart and share the remedies that can be applied to ‘unlock’ those empowering qualities of a person.
  4. During the 2-days Practitioner course, participants will receive multiple transmissions & activations to enhance their sensitivity and intuition relating to the understanding and interpretation of the Qi-Mag Lo-Shu Astrology.
  5. After this Practitioner’s course, participants can provide consultation to leaders and HR personnel of Companies or businesses to evaluate the strength and weakness  of their existing key personnel and workforce and appoint those with the appropriate birth talents into key jobs and apply knowledge to strengthen those lacking certain qualities in their jobs.  Such consultations can support the human resources department /  Management team in the planning and appointment of the appropriate team members for the jobs at hand to achieve peak performance and achieving set goals and visions. 
  6. For those interested only in providing consultation on Qi-Mag Lo-Shu Astrology or to become a certified Qi-Mag Lo-Shu Astrologer, participants only need to choose this 2-days course Practitioner’s Choice (PC) for Eur400 (All) / USD400.00 (Mex) only.

Join this course if (i) you are looking for an additional income source; (ii) love to consult others on personal astrology and help them to initiate change in their lives; or (iii) you are in the profession of hiring / acquiring human talents for companies / businesses.


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Webinar: Lo-Shu Astrology  (Practitioner Choice / Basic)
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2020-06-20, 12:00
Dr. Jes Tyng-Yee Lim
400,00 € pro Person
German (450 €)
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